Mumbai Police Completes 4 Years on Twitter: 10 Times The Social Media Account Spread Awareness In Coolest Way Possible Using Funny Memes and Witty Tweets
Mumbai police creative tweets (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The Mumbai Police has been effectively trying to maintain the law and order of the city that never sleeps. And one of the ways they have kept in touch with the citizens is their social media profile. The Mumbai Police Twitter account is known for posting brilliant tweets to give out a message, warning in tune with the relevant trends. Their creative and witty tweets have always earned praises from the netizens. Today, it completes four years on the platform and we thus decided to look back at some of their most creative and witty tweets to give out a message to the public. Meghalaya Police's Witty Tweet on 'Rasna' as Drugs Impresses Netizens, Other Times Police Departments Creatively Trolled Drug Peddlers.

The Mumbai Police Twitter account usually posts about the important notices, traffic routes, celebrating achievements of the department and also pass on their festive greetings.  As they complete four years today on Twitter, they posted a sweet message about the bond they have built with the citizens through this account. As #SareeTwitter Goes Viral on Social Media, Mumbai Police Joins In With #KhakiTwitter (Check Tweet).

Check Their Tweet on Completing 4 Years on Twitter:

Time and again, they are up with the relevant trends that are going viral on social media and use it to give out a message to the citizens. It could be in the form of memes or movie dialogues, they exactly know how to use the platform to give out a message to the younger generation. Let us look at some of their most creative tweets to give out relevant messages.

Don't Drink and Drive on Christmas Celebrations

Traffic Rules Need to be Followed

Remember This Meme?

Don't Do Drugs

Safety or Safe Tea

Promoting Online Safety

How Can We Ever Get Over This Dialogue

Don't Drink and Drive

Taking on Social Media Challenges 

Movie References Usage, High Sir!

With each and every tweet they post on spreading awareness, they make it a point they leave a smile on the reader's face. Using the meme trends they exactly know how to get their point across to a generation that relates to it.