In today's episode of - levity in time of Coronavirus, Mumbai Police seem to have mastered the art of tastefully adding a spot of levity into a day seized by death and trauma. While COVID-19 is certainly not something to be taken lightly, sometimes a bit of dry wit could go a long way to get through a day that otherwise seem like an interminable battle against an invisible enemy. The Mumbai Police did just that by asking the citizens to abide by the safety protocols set in place by the establishment with an amusing video and a wry caption.

To stress the importance of staying home and wearing masks, the Mumbai police in a recent Twitter post, shared a funny clip of the beloved cartoon show Tom and Jerry. The video depicts Tom as the guardian at the gate while he stops another cat, a small grey kitten named Topsy from venturing out of the house without a reasonable cause.

“Please don’t go out without a cause or a mask on your face. Let’s not make it a cat and mouse chase. We really don’t like ‘Tom-Tomming’ about the consequences,” the police captioned the video.

Mumbai Police's Latest Tweet to Highlight Importance of Staying Home

Netizens couldn't contain their amusement at the post. Here is a few responses of netizens on the video.

Prasanna M Shirodkar took a shot at a poem

He might have a point there

And that took a serious turn

This is not the first time the Mumbai police has served up a PSA with a side of wry humour. The tech-savvy police force is quite adept at venturing into this territory with ease and getting the attention of the citizens. Here are some of their previous posts that have amused the netizens.  Mumbai Police shares 'Safety Remix - Vol 2' to thank people for sharing their lyrics of safety.

If that doesn't want to make you want to stay in, we really don't know what will

They certainly have a way with words

In case the message wasn't clear, stay home and stay safe folks.

People certainly went Gaga over this tweet

They are certainly working hard to hone in their message of safety folks. So let's make it easy for them and stay in and eagerly await their next tweet.

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