Plate of Nachos Distracted Baseball Player Jesse Winker During Sixth Inning of Braves-Reds Game (Watch Video)
Plate of Nachos Distracted Baseball Player Jesse Winker (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ @Reds/ Twitter)

Something unusual happened in the sixth inning of Thursday’s Braves-Reds game at Great American Ball Park, which just amused the spectators and netizens online. The American professional baseball outfielder, Jesse Winker, nearly came away with a light snack after making a solid running catch. The crowd loved it, but Winker quickly greases up his safe pair of hands for the next chance. The short moment of Cincinnati Reds player’s distraction was captured and widely shared on social media, with fans sharing their hilarious reactions to the viral video. Arizona Diamondbacks’ Archie Bradley Admits to Soil his Pants During a MLB Game. 

Winker was calmness personified when dashing to catch out a swinging Atlanta Braves player in the sixth of their rain-affected 4-2 victory on April 25, 2019. After amazingly grabbing the ball in his glove, Winker approaches a concrete wall between fans and field. He leaned right over a fan’s plate of nachos, paused, scanned, probably a sniff and turned down a mid-game snack. Woman’s ‘Snake Stockings’ Mistaken for Real Snakes, Husband Beats Her with a Baseball Bat. 

Watch the Video Here

Apart from the viral clip of Winker, the Reds have a significant reason to be in the news. After a lengthy rain delay, the Reds reportedly held on to win the ninth inning of the Major League Baseball (MLB) National League game at the Great American Ball Park in downtown Cincinnati, United States of America.