Possessed Doll Attacked Boyfriend Because It Was Jealous, Claims a Peruvian Woman
Possessed doll attacks a woman's boyfriend. (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Jealousy and insecurity often creep in when a third person is involved between a couple. But in a unfortunate incident, it is not a person but rather a possessed doll that ruined a woman’s relationship as her boyfriend was attacked by her and he left the girl. A Peruvian woman claims that her possessed doll frightened her boyfriend into leaving her after it attacked him out of jealousy, according to media reports. The doll was a gift to the woman she received from her late mother as a Christmas present when she was younger. Teen Girl Wants to Marry Her Zombie Doll, Claims They Have Normal Intimate Relationship.

Berliz, a young woman from Callao, Peru told that her doll named Deisy had been exhibiting Poltergeist-like behaviour and attacked her boyfriend and allegedly ‘grabbed and hit him’ while he was sleeping. The doll apparently has shown signs of moving limbs, knocking things around the house and more. The woman says Deisy gets jealous and acts out whenever someone gets close to its owner. The boyfriend was beaten up black and blue and left Berliz because of it.

Berliz wanted to get rid of the doll but feared that she may return and attack her as well. She covered the doll with a plastic and turned the face to the wall. But when she woke up, Deisy had somehow turned around and was staring right at her. To prevent this, the woman contacted a clairvoyant who advised her to get a black cat to neutralise the doll’s negative energy.