There is n number of career options that an individual can choose, which can be different from the mainstream categories. People inclined toward the gig economy have been coming up with a gazillion of options for living. A professional baby namer in the US has been making lakhs just by suggesting names for newborn babies. The baby namer, Taylor A. Humphrey, from New York, is the founder of 'What's in a Baby Name,' which is a boutique consultancy. Interestingly the services range from giving name lists based on wealthy parents' answers to a questionnaire to a full-service baby-naming procedure. As per the reports, Taylor is getting paid upward of $1,500, which is Rs 1.14 lakh, by excited parents to pick a perfect moniker for their infant.

According to some news reports, the 33-year-old woman has helped name more than 100 newborns in the year 2020, raking in $150,000. To get an impeccable name for babies, some rich parents settle down to an eye-popping amount that starts at $1,500 and can go as far as $ 10,000. The professional baby namer began her career back in 2015 when she started sharing her favourite baby names and their meanings on social media sites. Since then, Taylor went to great lengths to help eager parents find the ideal moniker for their offspring.

Furthermore, she also does genealogical investigations to find old family and ancestors' names. Panicked parents also have an option for $10,000, which involves selecting a name that's in order with the business of the father or mother. Humphrey recently named a newborn child Parks as the couple had their first kiss in a town called Parker. She often helps anxious parents who are either trying to change or not like the names of their infants or have run out of options after having a third or fourth child.

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