In case you thought, a perfect news doesn't exist, a purr-fect one does! A cat found dumped in a garbage has now been adopted by Russian town Ulyanovsk. And it is not just any regular adoption, but the cat now is a government employee as it is given the title of deputy environment minister. The cat was found in a garbage bag after a worker slashed it open. Clearly, some one dumped it away but now the cat has found a much honourable title and it can rest on a chair all day long! Video of the cat's rescue to it resting in its office is going viral now. Coming to rescue video, a deer being saved from middle of a icy lake is also going viral.

A worker named Mikhail Tukash working at Russian waste-sorting plant found a bag and sensed something. He told Reuters, "I felt something soft inside the bag. I cut the bag open slightly, and I saw eyes looking back at me." Survelliance footage from the plant instantly went viral on social media. It was saved just in time or it would have met a gruesome death. The local authorities not only honoured the worker but also adopted the cat. It has been unofficially given the position of deputy environment minister. Humanity Prevails! Kitten Falls in Drainage Pipe in Turkey, Rescued by Excavating Road and Operation Lasting 8 Hours (Watch Heartwarming Video).

Check Video of Cat Rescued From Garbage: 

In another instance, a man had used hot coffee to rescue freezing cats in Canada. Now from the looks of it, this cat is definitely enjoying the new position. It was seen napping in a chair in the office of Environment Minister Gulnara Rakhmatulina. It was checked by a vet who declared him healthy. Meanwhile, the authorities have kept a contest to choose a name for the new government official.

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