2020 is almost over and while we may be stepping into a  new year, let's not forget that the pandemic that took over 2020 still exists. However, with a lot of hopes and immense positivity, we welcome the new year. But as we look back at 2020, we see the most unexpected year that we are possibly going to have in a long, long time. Unless we see aliens on Earth next year, who knows. However, jokes aside, we did become the generation that suffered a massive pandemic. Such travesty has taken place in the past, however, due to lacking medical support, the repercussions were worse. However, amid the havoc created in the year 2020, we also saw support, courage and determination in the people to fight this tragedy. Most people did abide by the social distancing rules and stayed at home. So if we had to, we can say we became a hero this year by practically doing nothing and staying at home. Here are a few things we can tell our kids about how we survived a pandemic by staying at home.

We Netflix & Chilled

Netflix was watched more than ever this year. Well, we don't about the chilling part BUT we did binge on shows like Money Heist, Scam 1992, Brooklyn 99 & of course FRIENDS all over again!

Made Dalgona Coffee

Remember when Dalgona Coffee took over social media? Amid a FRIKKIN pandemic, we sat at home whipping hard to make the foamiest coffee of all time. Instagram was LIT!

We Hosted Virtual Celebrations

Celebrations went virtual and fun doubled. We sat at home to attend different functions, right from sangeet to even birthday celebrations. It wasn't bad at all.

Shared Memes

Memes kept us alive in 2020. Right from BINOD to Sada Tuada, we have LOLed more than ever this year. Year 2020 Explained via Funny Memes: From Binod & 'Tuada Sadda' to Lockdown Extended & 'Main Tera’ Edits, Hilarious Trends That Kept Us Going This Year. 

Participated in Social Media Challenges

As the lockdown was announced so many different templates having fun questions started floating around on social media. People went crazy with tagging each other. Right from the Black and White Challenge to the quarantine questionnaire, we saw it all!

So when we talk to our next generation, we are going to sound so proud yer privileged to be saying that we practically had fun at home to help defeat the pandemic. Also, let us take this opportunity to wish you a very happy new year!

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