Russian Polygamist Punishes His Wives With No Sex For a Month if They Annoy Him!
Polygamy (Photo credits: File Image)

A Russian man Ivan Sukhov has three wives and although legally he is married to just one, his other wives are staying with mutual understanding. If that is not weird enough, Ivan revealed that he bans a month long of sex with them if they annoy him! That's not where it all stops, after all, he is already looking for more wives as he aims to have at least 50 kids. Polygamy Case: Canadian Man With 24 Wives and 149 Children Gets Only 6 Months House Arrest. 

Ivan is 34-year-old and was true to his wife Natalia Sukhova for 11 years after their marriage. He then turned to become a polygamist because he wanted to have a large family. He wants to have as many children as possible. His wife Natalia was not okay with his decision but realising his desire to have a really large family she agreed. Is Mariam Nabatanzi The Most Fertile Woman Ever? The 40-year-old From Uganda Has 44 Children! 

Currently, Ivan has 9 children out of which, 6 of them are Natalia's. The other three are delivered by his other wife Anna. Anna is also currently pregnant with the 10th child. Talking about it, Ivan was quoted to The Mirror, "I want to have at least 50 children, but the more the better." Currently, the family is staying in a three bedroom flat but plans to get a big home soon. Ivan has a separate room and spends each night with one of his wives. But if he has any problem with any of them, then it means no sex for a month. "If one of my wives does something wrong, I will not invite her to bed for a month," he was quoted in the same report.

While Ivan has so much of his demands, whims and fancies being fulfilled, the wives live together quite harmoniously. Ivan's third wife is a Muslim while he is a Russian Orthodox. All the three wives along with Ivan are working and provide their children with all the necessities. Ivan's demand for another wife still continues. "I like tall, slim and affectionate women," he said about choosing his next one.