‘Sco Pa Tu Manaa’ Takes Over Twitter! Here Is What the New Viral Phrase Means; Check Funniest Reactions
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Internet and its never-ending usage of phrases and challenges. It sometimes, freaks the netizens. If you are not living under a rock, you must be very well aware, of Sco Pa Tu Manaa. It is not just you, every second person on Twitter is in a flurry, as they fail to understand what the viral phrase means and why are they trending. Again, those who did, are coming up with some tweets, quite boasting that they know what on earth Sco Pa Tu Manaa means. It has only paved way for some frustrating but funniest reactions of Twitterati. Now, it turns out that much like the viral phrase, the meaning is also confusing. Mature Bag Memes Take Over The Internet After Funny Video of 'How to Look Attractive' Goes Viral. 

According to Urban Dictionary, the phrase Sco pa tu manaa is used to express one’s opinion or experience. It is because of this reason, in some of the tweets, you will see the phrase accompanied by a topic or image, which users then comment by providing similar experiences. Again, KnowYourMeme, explains Sco pa tu manaa as a slang term which belongs to the Hawaiian culture and it means both “I’ll hit you” and “what experience does this remind you of.”  Unsettled Tom Memes are Going Viral: Here's A List of The Funniest Ones on the Internet!

It further mentioned how the phrase gained netizens’ attention when on April 2019, Ghanaian recording artist Kawoula Biov released his song “Daavi Neba.” The song features a rap version by fellow Ghanaian artist Patapaa, who includes the phrase. It even created a viral challenge, “Skopatumanaa challenge” of people filming themselves attempting to sing the lyrics. The phrase is believed to have no meaning in Ghanaian language.

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Meanwhile, everyone on Twitter is in flurry while they fail to figure out what the phrase, Sco Pa Tu Manaa means.

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Now that you know the meaning, you can too, go ahead and join the Sco Pa Tu Manaa bandwagon. It works by sharing a photo or video or even a Twitter thread discussing a topic with the caption Sco Pa Tu Manaa.