Stand-Up Comedian Abhineet Mishra Sharply Criticises Govt, Media, Celebs As Meghalaya Miners Continue to Remain Trapped in 'Rat-Hole'
Abhineet Mishra on trapped Meghalaya miners (Photo Credits: Abhineet Mishra Facebook)

Fifteen miners got trapped at a mine at Ksan near Lyteiñ River in East Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya on December 13, 2018. It's almost a month since the incident, however, the life of those miners does not seem to be important enough for the government, says stand-up comedian Abhineet Mishra in his recent YouTube video. He lashes out at the government, opposition and everyone who is in the capacity to address the issue on a larger public platform, but has taken little or no effort.

Posting the six-minute-long-video on Facebook, Abhineet writes, "There is no comedy here, no jokes. If you are looking for humour, read up on the rescue mission to save the 15 miners trapped in the coal mine in Meghalaya. I am a professional comic who can write jokes. But, none better than those written by the national media and our politicians in government and in the opposition. We could do better!" What Is Rat-Hole Mining? 15 Meghalaya Miners Trapped in Illegal Mine Waits for Help From Government.

Taking potshots at the media, he tells how the media has diverted its attention from important issues. He says, "Our nation and our media is fascinated with other things — why did Rahul Gandhi wink at Modi? Why did Rahul Gandhi hug Modi?" He further also hits out at Bollywood actor and Brand Ambassador of Assam, Priyanka Chopra. He says, "Priyanka Chopra spoke more in the movie Barfi than what she has done as the brand ambassador for tourism for the state of Assam."

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Efforts to revive those men from the illegal coal mine continue, but in vain. Unlike regular stand-up comedy, this one does not an audience. Abhineet performs in front of empty seats probably showing how the plea of North-Easterns fall on deaf ears. Abhineet also takes a dig at those who try to sympathise with North-Easterns and their lack of knowledge about the eight states.

Today, in two hours, approximately 2,26,800 litre of water was pumped out from the mine. The miners got stuck in inside the 'rat-hole' after water from a nearby river gushed in. On Thursday, the Supreme Court had expressed strong dissatisfaction over the rescue efforts and had asked the state government to bring them out dead or alive.