Tata Nano Turned Into a Helicopter by Bihari Man Who Aspired to Fly a Plane (Watch Inspiring Video)
Tata Nano Turned Into a Helicopter (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ Instagram)

It is no more the world, where one cannot fulfil their dreams. While it might not come out as the same thing that you might have always wanted, at least your skill can take you pretty close. And that is how Mithilesh Prasad from Bihar has fulfilled his dream. Since childhood, he wanted to fly a plane, but he believes that it is because of his upbringing that he could not become a pilot, as noted by UNILAD Tech. However, Prasad gave his dream a new shape. He amazingly turned his Tata Nano into a helicopter. Although, it cannot fly, Prasad’s calibre is inspiring millions across India. Kerala Man Makes Cute Mini Auto Rickshaw for His Kids to Play; Social Media Praises His Skill. 

The newly-turned helicopter has a propeller, a customised and a brand new paint job. Prasad surely did excellent work, while creating his masterpiece. Yes, it will still not allow him to fly high, but he his somehow living his dream, all happy.

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If you don't know how to fly a helicopter, just make your car look like one! 🚁👏 (@ruptly)

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Who could have ever imagined a Tata Nano could ever get such an awesome helicopter look? We are sure that Tata Motors must be taking down notes after seeing this incredible engineering skill, if they haven’t already. Apart from many things, India is also a land of jugaad, and Prasad’s work is just another example.