Thirsty Koala Drinks Water From Bottle Amidst Heatwave in Australia, Video Goes Viral
Woman giving water to koala (Photo Credits: Chantelle Lowrie Facebook)

As extreme heatwave continues to lash Australia, a video going viral on social media shows a koala drinking water from a bottle. The clip which is being shared widely on the internet has melted the hearts of netizens. In the clip, a woman is seen holding a plastic bottle of water towards the mouth of the animal and it drinks earnestly.

Australia has been experiencing intense heat over the past week. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, different towns set new records in December as temperatures increased. The emergency services were ushered in multiple times for bushfires. The woman in the video Chantelle Lowrie saw the koala at while camping near Murray River in the southern state of Victoria on Friday. Video of a Snake Drinking Water Goes Viral, Twitterati Could Not Think of Snakes Being A Cute Creature.

Watch the video of koala drinking water a plastic bottle:

The local Chantelle told AFP, "It was 44 degrees Celsius - very, very hot day. I stopped because he looked as though he could use a drink of water." The video which Chantelle shared the video on Facebook with the caption 'Thirst koala' has received over 11,000 views.

While sweltering heat is not normal in Australia, in recent years, climate change has set the temperatures soaring in the continent. As the video went viral, Twitter remembered a similar video that garnered attention in 2009. A koala later nicknamed Sam drank water from a bottle by a firefighter dousing the fire in Victoria. Last year too Australia witnessed terrible heat with roads and traffic lights melting.