Tiktok’s Viral 'Wellness' Product, Rae’s Metabolism Drops for Weight Loss Receives Criticism! Here's the Real Deal
TikTok video app (Photo Credits: Wiki Commons)

TikTok has to be one of the most controversial social media apps of all times. Right from being accused of circulating porn to now helping promote, "wellness products" for weight loss, TikTok has always stirred controversies. We are talking about the "wellness trend" that has been reigning the for you page of TikTok, known as Rae's "Metabolism Drops". Claiming to make you "skinny", this "#weightlosschallenge" has garnered over hundreds of videos on TikTok. Rae's little dropper bottles are all over the social media platform. While the product is only available in the US for about $14.99, the "wellness product" is gaining a lot of popularity. But is it worth it? Or just like Jamila Jamil once called out biggest of all the celebs like Cardi B, Khloé Kardashian, etc. for endorsing detox teas for slimming in a hilarious video, this too promises more than it should?

The website that popularises these ingestible drops say that they "support and enhance your natural metabolism", which is being considered to be  "a vague statement" and is being linked to merely being an appetite suppressant and weight loss stimulant.

Dazed digital talked to nutritional therapist Lucy Sommer to find out that the product may be marketing itself to be something that it is not. It’s a huge “red flag”. Rae is heavily marketed as an honest and transparent "evidence-based brand", yet "nowhere on their website is there any evidence". They found out that the brand fails to mention "anything about the quality or sourcing of ingredients and as for these drops, there is zero evidence provided to scientifically support their metabolism-enhancing claims." But first check out a video that will give you a perspective on how the product is supposed to be used:

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They even analysed that drops have three ingredients that are raspberry ketones, taurine and caffeine. They say that although caffeine is omitted from the product page on Rae’s website, no ingredients mentioned have been proven to make the metabolic process more efficient. No studies back these ingredients in terms of helping your metabolism in a healthy way.