Photo of a man holding a chip which has been termed as Britain's biggest crisp has gone viral on social media platforms. Daniel Heginbotham was having a normal day until he opened his packet of crisps to see a giant one.Check Out The Video Below:

As Cyber Monday deals trend, people have taken to Twitter sharing Cyber Monday memes and jokes. Twitterati are sharing how it feels to be broke while they world is shopping.Check Out The Tweets Below:

An old video of a man riding a tall bicycle has gone viral on social media. On a closer look, you can see that the bicycle is made of bamboo. It looks like he will lose the balance and fall down, but he doesn't!Watch The Video Below:

People have taken to Twitter sharing stories of their mental health in just three words. As the topic of mental health has become a wide topic of discussion on social media platforms, people are writing their short stories in #MyMentalHealthIn3Words.Check Out The Tweets Below:

We as a society, need to discuss mental health more openly.

A cat named Loki has become a star on social media for her scary facial appearance. With long and sharp fangs and canine teeth, the cat has been nicknamed 'vampire' by social media users.Check Out The Pictures Below:
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Social media sensation and singer Ranu Mondal once again made he headline for the wrong reasons. This time, she forgot the lyrics of Himesh Reshammiya's song and the clip has gone viral insanely.Watch Viral Video:

This baby seems to be high on milk. The toddler fell asleep face-first on the wheel of his push car. His mom reportedly filmed the nap while pushing the baby's toy vehicle. The adorable moment is from Los Angeles, California.Watch Viral Video:

The studio apartment for rent in Brooklyn has sparked some debates on Twitter. What is so unique about the architectural design? Well, if you observe closely you see the closet smack-bang in the middle of their home.Here's the Apartment:

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Pollution in India is at alarming levels and the weather condition at Delhi could not be ignored at the moment. Given the menace of pollution people experience in their daily lives, the observance of National Pollution Control Day 2019 comes as a timely reminder. People online are sharing images and messages urging to save the environment on National Pollution Control Day.Check Tweets:

For many people across the world, December marks the opening up of their Advent calendars. This marks the 24 days before the main festivity of Christmas. As the Advent calendar have officially opened, Tweeple is sharing their Christmas feels.Check Tweets:

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Happy Monday! Internet is abuzz with thousands of posts from around the world. While some people have taken to Twitter sharing their Monday blues scenes and how unhappy they are about having to go to work while others are posting motivational and inspirational quotes with the hashtags #MondayMotivation and #GoodMorning. Now you know that there are legit two kinds of people in the world. Netizens have also taken to Twitter sharing viral content from around the world. As the day progresses we promise to bring you latest tweets, Facebook posts, viral videos, funny GIFs, hilarious memes aka EVERYTHING trending on social media platforms.

December 2  is celebrated as World Computer Literacy Day, which means people are sharing informative posts about computer literacy. It is also National Pollution Control Day and people are using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to spread awareness about increased pollution and urging people to take steps towards pollution control. People are also sharing posts on Cyber Monday 2019 under #CyberMonday2019.

Whatever lands on the trending page, you'll surely find it on our viral live blog, that covers trending events from various areas of life. Be it funny memes or any emotional video that netizens can't stop sharing, we will keep you update. So, stay tuned! We promise to keep you updated with everything trending on social media platforms across countries. We wish everyone a Happy Monday!