20 Jan, 20:13 (IST)
Kate Hudson shares an adorable video of her toddler. Watch:
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20 Jan, 19:38 (IST)
Adorable video of Baby kangaroo aboard American Airlines subsidiary goes viral. Watch:
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20 Jan, 15:05 (IST)

An artist from Bhubaneshwar made a miniature of 46th US President-elect Joe Biden inside a bottle. Pics of the same have been shared online.See Here:

20 Jan, 13:36 (IST)

A funny TikTok video of how parents posed in their photos has been shared online and it is highly relatable to everyone. The funny video is going viral.Check it Here:

20 Jan, 12:37 (IST)

A video of two tigers fiercely fighting with each other has been shared online by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan. The video of this tiger fight is going viral.Watch Video Here:

20 Jan, 11:24 (IST)

Doraemon anime character Nobita and Shizuka will get married in the upcoming movie and netizens are shedding happy tears. Read more here.Check Tweets:

20 Jan, 09:26 (IST)

Netizens are sharing images, wallpapers of Guru Gobind Singh, Prakash Parv greetings, Gurpurab wishes, WhatsApp stickers, GIFs and more to wish on Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti.Check Tweets:

20 Jan, 08:17 (IST)

Netizens are sharing some interesting thoughts, quotes and messages with good morning images for #WednesdayThoughts and #WednesdayMotivation. Check tweets:

Happy Wednesday to you! It is officially the midweek and we couldn't be more siked because social media is in a happy mood. While some Indians are still celebrating the Brisbane win, some are enthusiastically sharing posts related to Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2021 to celebrate the birth anniversary of the 10th Sikh Guru.  Apart from that today, the social media world is abuzz and brighter as ever. Wednesday is all about #WednesdayMotivation, #WednesdayFeels and #WednesdayThoughts! People are sharing there favourite Wednesday motivation quotes and thoughts while making the days of other people better.

Twitter and other social media have their hashtags changing every now and then! But here on the viral live blog, we will keep you updated with anything that goes viral. While we wait for more videos and pictures get on the trending page, we promise you to bring them to you via this viral live blog. Anything that trends on social media be it viral videos, funny memes of the day that netizens are and will be sharing in the coming hours today, we'll bring it to you.

People usually share things that motivate them, brighten their days or make them LOL online. Viral baby videos and funny memes have their regular share of space. But here we are all set to keep you updated with the day's event everything trending online, from all areas of life be it sports, entertainment, politics or lifestyle, anything that is on the trending page, we have you covered. The day has just begun and we assure you to update you with everything that grabs social media attention throughout the day. This viral live blog will have you updated with all the viral stories, funny memes, popular tweets, latest GIFs and everything trending from around the world.