On Friday, September 13, #12yearsOfCaptainDhoni started trending on Twitter, celebrating MSD's 12 years as Indian captain. MS Dhoni's fans and followers started sharing the photos of the former Indian skipper. About 10,000 tweets were shared in less than 30 minutes. Read the entire story here.Check Tweet:

Netizens are urging on Twitter to stop uranium mining to protect Nallamala Forest that is said to be the 2nd largest tiger reserve forest in India.Check Tweet:

Type 'Dhoom Dhoom just take my' and complete it with predictive text on your mobile to get hilarious results. Twitter is abuzz with the weirdest sentences.Check Out:

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Italian scientists are shedding new lights to the 'lovers of Modena', who were discovered in 2009. The two figures were buried in the same grave during the Roman era between the 4th and 6th centuries. Holding hands, the skeletons indicated that they looking at each and one of them was wearing a bronze ring. Now the researchers from the University of Bologna are claiming that the figures were actually two men.View Pics:

A video of the compassionate gesture by Lord Ganesha devotees went viral on social media with people praising revellers for their swift response. In the video, a few volunteers are seen urging people to give way to an ambulance, apparently carrying a patient. The crowd rushes to the sides and makes a passage for the ambulance. Read the full story here.Watch Viral Video:

A 5-year-old boy's UP themed photoshoot featuring his great-grandparents has captured the netizens' attention. The kid Elijah dressed in a "Junior Wilderness Explorer" costume like Russel's character in the Disney's film and held colourful balloons. While his grandparents were dressed as the characters Carl and Ellie. Internet is in love with the photoshoot.View Pics:

Twitter has begun its meme game with the onset of the spookiest day. Friday the 13th has got a warm welcome, as Tweeple share funny memes and jokes online. These Friday the 13th viral memes are sure to lighten your day and might even turn the spooky day into a lucky one. Read the full story here.Check Viral Memes:

An adorable exchange between a little girl and her father has gone viral. Her dad recorded her, as she wears a lipstick, or as she calls it 'yip ick' that she bought from a 'homey depot.' People are in love with the cutest tod online.Watch the Viral Video:

Yeezy Mafia leaked new images of a shoe, called the Yeezy Foam Runner, which will hit the floor in 2020. And it does not like anything Kanye West has put out before. The newest design has a clog-like appearance with open holes throughout the upper. Twitter was quick to point out the similarities between the shoe and a pair of Crocs' classic rubber clogs. Soon Tweeple began to roasts West's design with funny jokes and memes.Here's the Latest Design:

Check Hilarious Reactions:

Another day has begun and Twitter woke up to wonderful messages for encouragement for the rest of the Friday. Since it is the last working day of the week, #FridayMotivation and #FridayFeeling are trending on Twitter with amazing messages and images to start your day.Amazing Sand Art:

Words of Wisdom:The Best Video From the Festival:

Say hello to a new day! We've finally approached the best day of the entire week, Friday! For netizens, its is all about happy Friday feels right now. People on Twitter woke up to #FridayThoughts, #FridayMotivation and #FridayFeeling. These hashtags are currently dominating the top trending charts and are filled with positivity and inspiration. Twitterati marks the beginning of this weekend with happy thoughts! Through this blog, we will keep you updated with all the trending topics that netizens are sharing on social media today, September 13, 2019.

Just yesterday, we got over with the immersion with Lord Ganesha's idol as a part of Ganesh Chaturthi rituals. People are sharing pictures and viral videos from the immersion ceremony, also known as visarjan under #visarjan, #GanpatiVisarjan, #Ganpati and #GaneshChaturthi. It is also International Chocolate Day 2019 today. So people are wishing each other a sweet day with images of chocolates doing rounds on the internet. Twitter is also abuzz with birthday wishes for Tyler Perry and Lili Reinhart.

Apart from these special days, we have cute baby videos doing rounds as usual.  We're totally in love with cute baby and animal videos that go viral! Well, about this viral live blog, anything that lands on the trending page across various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Reddit will be updated on this social viral live blog. Right from funny memes to viral videos we will bring them right at your fingertips. All you have to do it log in latestly.com and stay tuned!