Twitter and Instagram are abuzz with #WhoIsPooja and even we are wondering what the right answer is.

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Writer @JoelGolby asked the social media platform users how long should one leave the tea bag in the cup to make a good brew, and that's the tea trending on Twitter.

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Hajj Pilgrimage has begun and it is one of the world's largest religious gatherings undertaken by Muslims at least once in their lives. Twitter is abuzz with beautiful images.

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A video going viral on social media shows a man being miraculously saved from a mudslide in Malappuram district of Kerala. The southern state of India is witnessing heavy rains for a second consecutive year.

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As the situation continues to remain disrupted in Kashmir, people from other parts of India are still unable to get in touch with their families and relatives in the Valley. Amid the turmoil, a woman, who lives in Srinagar has a heart-warming message for her son! The woman, identified as Harvinder Kaur, tells a reporter to pass a message to her son, that she is doing fine and has no issues there, but wants to get her Dish TV recharge done. Read more: Recharge Dish So We Can Watch TV: Video of Srinagar Woman Sending Message To Her Son Through a Journalist Post Article 370 Revocation is Heartwarming

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Video of a cat smelling world's smelliest fruit, durian has left the internet in splits. The fruit which is grown across tropical Southeast Asia is known for its pungent smell. It is banned from many places across in Southeast Asia.

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A debate about market stalls was disrupted at a Kenyan regional assembly on Wednesday due to a fart. A member was accused of having "polluted the air" during the gathering. Read the entire story here.

A dog survived fall from a six-storey building in New York. The incident happened after its leash became loose and ran down the stairway. Fortunately, it fell on a car parked on the ground.

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People have taken to Twitter sharing tweets with the hashtags #SaturdayMotivation, #SaturdayThoughts and #SaturdayMorning. Social media users are sharing motivational thoughts and messages wishing everyone a great weekend.

It's finally weekend and social media users can't keep calm. People have taken to Twitter sharing quotes and messages with the hashtags #SaturdayMotivation, #SaturdayThoughts and #SaturdayMorning. Most of them have taken to social media being thankful that the weekend is finally here. And as the day progresses, we promise to keep you updated with everything that is trending around the world. From funny memes, viral videos, tweets, GIFs, to Facebook posts, we will keep you ensure you are on top of the social media game.

August 10 is observed as World Biofuel Day to create awareness about non-fossil fuels. The observance strives to educate people about the importance of environment-friendly fuels as an alternative to conventional fossil fuels. Today is also the birthday of the American model and makeup mogul, Kylie Jenner. Fans of Kylie have taken to the internet wishing their favourite fashion trendsetter a 'Happy Birthday'.

Meanwhile, Eid al-Adha 2019 will begin in India from the evening of August 11 to the evening of August 12. Muslims across countries are preparing for the festival full-fledged. People of the community will meet their friends and relatives and spend time with their family members. People also go to the mosque to offer special prayers. Social media has become a part and parcel of people's lives in the modern-day. It is almost impossible to ignore the trends and things that go viral on a daily basis. In today's age, anything and everything has the capacity to go viral in today's age. And social media users have the ability to make and break the careers and lives of people.