This Woman Uber Driver's Response to Passengers Asking Her 'Bhaiyya Aap Kaha Ho' Is the Best! Sapan Verma Shares His Experience in Pune
Sapan Verma with Uber driver (Photo Credits: Sapan Verma Twitter)

How do you address cab drivers? Bhaiyya? That's exactly what happened to comedian Sapan Verma when he booked an Uber in Pune. Sapan called up cabbie and said, "Bhaiyya do minute mein aaya" (Brother, I am coming in two minutes). In return, he was told to check the driver's profile. The stand-up comedian discovered that the driver was a woman and not a man. While the majority of drivers on app-based cab services are men, there are women drivers also. Sapan took to Twitter sharing pictures with Rukhmini. His tweet reads, "Booked an Uber in Pune and told the driver, 'Bhaiyya do minute mein aaya' and then this happened." From Creepy to Therapy, Uber Driver Let's Passengers Choose 'Type of Ride' From Menu Card; Netizens Impressed.

He also put up an Instagram story with the driver writing, "Then met Rukhmini who was an ace driver with great stories to tell! I apologised for calling her bhaiyya on the call, and then she asked me to check her Uber profile." He also shared a screenshot of her Uber profile in which a fun fact about herself as, "After accepting the trip, people generally ask, 'Brother, where are you?'" Uber Driver Waits With 2 Women for 1.5 Hours at Midnight After Dropping Them As Gate to Their House Was Closed.

Check Out Sapan Verma's Tweet Below:

The tweet has quick to go viral on Twitter and has over 4,800 likes and more than 700 retweets. Soon tweets praising Rukhmini started flooding the comments section. One of the comments read, "This is so beautiful, power to the driver." Another says, "I had the same experience in Delhi few months back." Meanwhile, one Twitter user wrote, "You met a behen instead of bhaiyya." Another comment says, "Great pic! So happy to see Ms Rukmini donning this cap! May her tribe increase."