Kids are smart and their curiosity is amazing. And there are so many cute baby videos that keep coming online. A new video is going viral which shows a little kid figuring out his dad has ate ice-cream. While the father tries his best to hide it from the little one, the kid finds out and angrily hits at him. 

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A handicapped man from Malaysia decided to go an extra mile to save a stranded kitten. He left his wheelchair behind and courageously rescued the kitten. A video of the same was shared online and is going viral for his altruism. The video is indeed heartwarming.

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A video is going viral on Facebook which shows a child pooping on the beach, and a woman burying the diaper in the beach sand. The viral video is causing a massive outrage about tourism. Now the popular beach tourist spot remains temporarily closed for the visitors to undertake a clean-up operation.

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Dolphins are playful sea creatures and they are also very friendly with humans. But a new video of a dolphin has come up which shows it tossing a jellyfish as it swims around. The video shows dolphin tossing a jellyfish up in the air with its nose, before catching it and then tossing it again.

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Video of a Chinese sitting on a young boy's lap in a bus has gone viral on social media. The woman decided to sit on the boy as he refused to get up and vacate the seat for her. Read the entire story here.

The video of a group of people dancing to Tamil music during a warm-up session has gone viral on social media. As the video was shared widely online, people commented saying it has motivated them to workout. Read the entire story here.

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Identified as Francis and Rosemary Klonts in media reports, the duo have been wearing similar outfits since they were high school sweethearts. And they say their tuning looks have helped their relationship grow stronger as they are married for 68 years now. Read the full story here.

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A paralyzed dog gets too excited after she got her wheelchair, that allows her to walk, run and do all mischiefs freely. In the viral video, the dog can be seen running around the house and totally going nuts over it. People on social media are gushing over the clip.

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In a video going viral this morning, Ladakh MP Jamyang Tsering Namgyal can be seen dancing with locals, donning in the traditional attire. His patriotic spirit and cool moves is winning hearts online. Watching him happily dancing, the spectators too joins in, and it so impresses Twitterati. Read the full story here.

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No festivity in India can be complete without sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik beautiful art. On the 73rd Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan celebrations, Pattnaik created an innovative sand art at Puri beach. Twitterati once again in mesmerised by his creativity.

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The spirit of Twitterati is high today. It is a holiday, and 15th August this year marks for major celebrations: Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan. Naturally, the joyous mood is sky high, and netizens had begun their day already with beautiful messages. We are expecting a lot of viral moments to appear on social media sites today and for all the right reasons. We know it is a big day and so we promise you to bring in the best moments from social media. Stay tuned with this blog, to know the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes shared by the netizens.

The Independence Day 2019 celebrations already began since yesterday, August 14, when Twitter launched Ashoka Chakra emoji, which will be there till August 18, 2019. Further, citizens began to trend #IamIndian challenge, by filming themselves in the patriotic themes to mark the 73rd Independence Day. Looking at such a high reach, we are expecting more viral moments to come. Since morning, #IndependenceDayIndia, #IndependenceDay, #HappyRakshaBandhan and #JaiHind is the top trending hashtags on Twitter.

With this blog, we will keep you updated with more Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan tweets and posts shared on social media. Aside from the festivity, other viral moments appearing online will also be posted in this article.