Elderly Woman in China Sits on Young Boy's Lap in Bus After He Refuses to Get Up (Watch Viral Video)
Elder woman sits on young boy in bus (Photo Credits: Video grab)

Whenever travelling in a public transport system, it is expected for a commuter to have little manners and etiquette of travelling. So if there is a pregnant woman, elderly or handicapped person, it is expected to offer them a seat first. In fact, several buses have reserved seats for such passengers which have to be vacated if they get on. But an elderly lady in China did something shocking when a little boy refused to get up from his seat. She sat on the lap of the little one! A video of the shocking incident was shared on Weibo, Chinese social networking site and it has since then gone viral. The video has also sparked outrage among the netizens.

The incident took place in China's Zhejiang province, on the bus route 313 in Yiwu. It was probably a rush hour and an elderly lady wanted to sit. A little boy accompanied by his mother was on the bus. The elderly woman tried to accommodate herself and asked the mother of the boy to give up his seat. The mother, however, refused the lady's demand. The elderly woman then decided to take the seat no matter what, even it meant she would sit on the child. She sat on the little boy, as if it was an empty seat! Eventually, the little boy did move out and stood next to his mother. The entire incident was captured by a fellow passenger and it soon went viral on social media. Elderly Man Pushed by Woman Off a Bus in LA When He Asked Her to 'Be Nicer,' Dies! (Watch Shocking Video)

Watch Video of Elderly Woman Sitting on Little Boy's Lap in Bus:

A fellow passenger told the Southern Metropolitan Post that the mother was carrying another child in her arm, which is probably why she refused her son to get up. He told the newspaper, "The elderly woman walks past the mother and stands in front of the child and sits down. The mother told her 'if you want to take my son's seat, you can tell me, you don't have to squeeze in here and sit without asking'. But the pensioner didn't seem to care and said the child can either stand up or sit in-between them."

The video has got a mix of reactions on social media, with some slamming the elderly woman. People said just because she is an elder does not give her rights for such behaviour. While others disputed that the mother should've asked her son to move in the first place. While, we do not both the sides of the story, the lady could have sure been more cordial and asked someone else for a seat, rather than sitting on the young one.