11 Jan, 20:51 (IST)

K-Pop fans have taken over Twitter celebrating eight years of Jimin becoming a BTS member. Photos and videos of the singer is going viral.See Tweets:

11 Jan, 19:57 (IST)

With WhatsApp's latest privacy rules, netizens cannot stop making funny memes and jokes on it, as hilarious tweets continue to go viral.Check Tweets:

11 Jan, 18:53 (IST)

A fearless stray dog was captured fighting a lioness. The video of the unusual fight was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan.Watch Video:

11 Jan, 17:59 (IST)

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma both are trending on Twitter as the internet family extended their congratulations to the newly-turned parents. Read full story HERECheck Tweets:

11 Jan, 16:44 (IST)

It's a girl! Anuskhka Sharma and Virat Kohli are blessed with their first child. The cricketer took to Twitter to announce the happiest moment!See Tweet:

11 Jan, 15:57 (IST)

The members of the mob who stormed the US Capitol building are now on No-Fly list. A video posted on social media shows the rioters crying after learning that their names are on the no-fly list.Watch Video:

11 Jan, 14:56 (IST)

A zoo in Gujarat's Vadodara celebrated the 2nd birthday of Hippo named Mangal. Pics from the birthday celebration have been shared online. Read more here.See Here:

11 Jan, 13:47 (IST)

A picture of a horizontally cut very long loaf of bread has been shared online and it is amusing Twitterati. The picture is going viral.Check Here:

11 Jan, 12:54 (IST)

A beautiful video of a tiger cub getting cuddly with its mother has been shared online and it is too cute!Check here:

11 Jan, 11:11 (IST)

Today marks Lal Bahadur Shastri's, former PM's death anniversary and people are paying their tributes to him on Twitter.Check tweets:

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It's yet another Monday and social media users are having a tough time waking up from their beds. While some are having terrible Monday blues, others think of it as a new morning with great opportunities. Some are sharing motivational quotes and inspirational thoughts using the hashtags #MondayMorning and #MondayThoughts. Meanwhile, people have taken to Twitter sharing funny memes, hilarious GIFs, latest tweets, trending topics, viral videos and a lot more. Stay tuned with this blog to be updated about everything happening on social media. And as the day progresses, we promise to bring to you stories from across the globe.

January 11 marks various festivals and events across countries. It marks Plough Monday, the traditional start of the English agricultural year. It marks the time when farmers go back to the fields after the Christmas holidays. The observance dates back to the 15th century and continues to be celebrated by following varying customs and traditions in different parts of the world. It marks National Human Trafficking Day and January is also observed as National Human Trafficking Awareness month. In 2011, this observance was started by Presidential Proclamation of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. It also marks National Milk Day in the US, celebrating the nutrient-rich food. It also marks National Road Safety Week which marks January 11 to 17.

Meanwhile, as COVID-19 continues to pose a threat to people across countries, it is important to follow good hygiene practices. Ensure you wear your facemask on stepping outside and wash your hands using soap. Let's work towards breaking the chain of the virus. We wish you a Happy Monday and a great week ahead!