A video shows a woman, struggling to put the fuel pipe in her car inlet. As she figures that she had initially parked the car in the wrong way, and desperately tries to put fuel in her vehicle. The entire scenario is recorded by another car owner, from the opposite direction at the station. The video has gone viral.Watch Video:

Just a day after the Government announced to ban TikTok among 59 other Chinese apps, the application has stopped working and gone completely offline. Netizens trend #RIPTikTok funny memes and jokes on Twitter, bidding farewell to the Chinese application with hilarious reactions.Check Tweets:

Morrisons Store ensured that their security dog does not get wet in the rain. So a picture of a man holding an umbrella over the dog so he doesn't get wet is going viral online.Check the pic here:

A beautiful solar halo was created in the skies of Beijing today. A short video capturing the beautiful spectacle has been shared online.Check here:

A funny photo has been shared on Twitter which shows a cat photoshopped on Empire State Buidling. The result is funny yet cute.Check the tweet here:

Video of a pom having fun during his hydrotherapy session goes viral. Watch video:

A video of a rescued newly born blackbuck fawn sipping milk from the bottle is going viral. Watch video:

Friendship of two girls in Los Angeles has gone viral on social media platforms. They recreated their dance videos as children wearing the same type of attire and netizens are impressed.Watch The Video Below:

A family who was fishing in a boat on a Wisconsin lake rescued a bear swimming with a plastic jug stuck over its head.Watch The Video Below:

On Tuesday morning, people have taken to social media platforms with motivational thoughts and inspirational quotes using the hashtags #TuesdayMorning and #tuesdayvibes.Check Out the Tweets Below:

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Good morning, people! Are you ready to face yet another day? Well, if you still lack the inspiration to get out of the bed, netizens have many messages and wishes surfaced on Twitter already to help you start the morning. #TuesdayThoughts, and #TuesdayMessages are trending on social media as people begin the day with positive quotes. Along with the viral hashtags, we will also bring you all the updates from the internet world. Watch out this space, to know the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day that netizens are sharing today, June 30, 2020.

Amid the rising hashtags, there have been constant tweets as reactions over the Indian government’s announcement to ban the TikTok app among other 59 Chinese apps. Reactions have flood Twitter with more such images and memes. Netizens seem to be happy with the decision as the debate to ban the video-sharing app TikTok has been going on for many days. Last night, #TikTokBaninIndia was running as one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media apps.

As the day begins, we are expecting more memes and other viral moments to captivate the netizens during this time. Stay in tune with us to know what all are shared on social media and all the latest buzz on the internet. Happy Tuesday!