The internet can be a fascinating place, where you come across new terms, funny definitions, slangs and learn the internet vocabulary every now and then. Amid the rising discussions about gender equality, feminism and related issues, mansplaining is a term we commonly come across. Do you know what is mansplaining? If not, then latest tweet will make you remember it forever. A tweet by a woman is going viral on social media which mentions mansplaining as 'correctile dysfunction' and people cannot stop laughing at how apt it fits. Guy Tries to Mansplain the Difference Between a Vagina and Vulva to a Female Gynaecologist, Gets Trolled on Twitter.

For those completely unaware, Mansplaining is a combination of two words man and splaining (short for explaining). It means explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a condescending manner. It means a man tries to show that he knows more about a subject and assumes that the woman is too stupid enough to know about it. A man could interrupt a woman speaking to explain her, forcefully assuming that he knows more. It is like a compulsive need to correct her, which makes the term "correctile dysfunction" just as appropriate, as mentioned in the viral tweet.

Check The Tweet Here:

The tweet has gone viral with over a lakh likes and close to 20,000 retweets. Fellow women are loving it and swear by to use the later term now. Check some reactions:

Using it Forever

Mansplaining is now Dead

Best Explanation


Sharing With Every Woman

Meanwhile, some men have tried to poke fun by telling the woman to go consult a doctor if she has been laughing for so long. The comments also has some more jokes and puns on mansplaining. But if you agree with this new explanation of the term then don't forget to share it with your fellow female friends and laugh together.

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