UK Man Pees On a Fire Started By a Cigarette Butt, Saves The Day!
Man pees on pier to put out fire. (Picture Credit: Facebook/Thomas Harold Watson)

In a strange yet happy incident, a 22-year-old dad managed to put out a fire on the world’s longest pleasure pier. The way he managed to do this task may sound hilarious but was extremely the need of the hour. He dropped on to his knees and peed on it. Yes! Believe it or not a young father put out a fire by peeing on it. The young man named, Salesman Thomas Watson has been praised for his actions and presence of mind after he prevented a fire breaking out on Southend Pier, Essex.

According to the Miami Herald, the authorities offered the brave dad a free trip back to the pier provided that he ‘keeps his trousers firmly secured’. Further media reports suggest that Thomas took this trip to the pier with his partner Saeefa Chowdhury, 26, and their 15-month-old baby daughter Franzesca-Isabella. He spotted smoke ahead on the wooden boards and with a fear that the blaze could grow, he peed on the flames.

He posted the incident on social media with a very happy family picture and the post was loved by all. He wrote in the post, 'So the end of today’s trip to the beach was weird, we were the last and only ones walking down the pier (guessing the rain and thunder scared away everyone else) and I noticed smoke coming out from further ahead! I quickly ran over to discover that some of the boards and a bolt had caught alight, so using my initiative I decided to empty my bladder & save Southend at the same time! It’s not every day you have the fire brigade thank you for weeing, 😂 *turns out lightning struck it, so it was lucky that I was there when I was!

Take a look at the viral post:

People are loving him for his act and his smart move. The post has been flooded with encouraging and funny comments. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section below.