Viral Video of a Deer Trying to Have Sex with a Doe Figurine Before 'Blowing' Its Head off Has Netizens Come up with Witty and Punny Reactions
Viral video of a deer trying to have sex with a doe figurine before "blowing" its head off (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Internet is an amazing place. So many funny memes, jokes and funny videos that go viral on social media, simply makes our day, in no time. One of the most recent as well as super hilarious examples of a viral video that will make you ROFL is this one of a deer trying to have intercourse with a statue deer. Well, this isn't even the funniest part. Once the buck starts humping the statue from behind trying really hard to insert its penis into the statue doe, the head of the effigy falls off. The deer is, then, completely taken aback and jumps off the statue deer, instantly. The reaction is super fun to watch. Horny Situation! Two Deer Whose Horns Get Locked While Mating Freed by Hunter With Electric Saw (Watch Video).

The video is going viral on Twitter and trust us when we say that that the whole trail of tweet reactions on the video is a hilarious roller coaster ride. The video was shared on Twitter with a caption that asked Twitter users to caption it, and as expected, Twitteratti had a field day! People used their puns, sarcasm and all the other skills to make memes and jokes about the deer video.

The video seems to be have been shot in a park where, statues of other animals were present too. Well, netizens didn't want to leave the opportunity of making memes and jokes out of this hilarious video and its nothing less than a treat! You will have to check out the video first to understand how funny it is and if you come up with a hilarious reaction, let us know! But first, here's the viral video:

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I Can't Even


It Surely Does


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These are just some of the umpteen hilarious reaction the video has received. The video has received over 61k views, as of now, and people cannot stop commenting. Deers are amazing animals. Just earlier this year, a video of a deer playing dead to escape from not one but two of its predators was going viral. As a cheetah is about to pounce on it, a hyena comes to drive the cheetah away and the deer fools both the animals to sprint into the jungle safely.