Woman Flashes Her Boobs to a Woman Driver in a Weird Case of Road Rage
Woman flashing boobs in a fit of rage.

We have heard of terrible road rage cases, some of the cases even witnessed people murdering each other in a fit of rage. However, this weird road rage case will definitely boggle your mind. In a road rage video that is going viral, a woman is seen flashing her boob to a woman driver. The furious woman flashed her boob at a female driver after using a lot of cuss words at her. The video shows her approaching the female driver and using profanity at her after which she goes ahead to flash one of her boobs at the woman driver she is angry with. Nicki Minaj's Nip Slip: Rapper's Boobs Flashed at Live Concert in a Major Wardrobe Malfunction but She Handled It like a Boss (Watch Video.)

The incident occurred in Sydney Australia the woman who flashed her boob at the woman driver is also unidentified. The woman driver can be heard saying "are you serious?" in disbelief when the woman approached her. The reason behind this argument is yet unknown. The woman driver before flashing her boob said, "Ew you're a f***ing junkie. Look at that! Look at that!"

Take a look at the video of the woman flashing a boob at a woman driver in a fit of rage.

Afterwards while going back she can also be seen tapping with her leg at the driver's bonnet. The Snapchat video has now been viewed over 40k times and viewers cannot believe what they saw. One of the comments read- "You f***ing junkie is that the best you can do. Just get out and slap her one."