World Lizard Day is observed on August 14 recognising the amphibian species. To educate children about these reptiles, on World Children Day, usually, workshops are held in schools, national parks and museums. Lizards are critical to the ecosystem as they complete the natural cycle by being both predators and prey. They eat insects and rodents and are food for birds. Lizards have been around for more than 250 million years mostly live in deserts, forests, and rocky warm areas. Did you know that lizards can move their eyelids? Yes, they have eyelids unlike other reptiles and can move it also! On World Lizard Day 2020, we bring to you some interesting facts about these creatures. Giant Lizard That 'Eats Anything It Wants' Seen in Georgia, Know More About This Argentina Tegu Species.

There are varied kinds of lizards, all come in different sizes and colours. Most of these squamate reptiles are known for their different characteristics depending on the geographical regions they live in. Some of the lizard species have unique features which are hard to believe. On World Lizard Day 2020, here are certain things about lizards you probably didn't know.

  • There are more than 6,000 different lizard species including Geckos and chameleons that are also part of the lizard family.
  • Lizards can live in most climatic conditions and geographical landscape. Apart from Antarctica, there are no continents which are not home to some species of lizard. They are even found in deserts, marshland areas and forests.
  • As lizards are cold-blooded creatures, they cannot survive without sunshine for a long time.
  • Green tree monitors have a prehensile tail that acts like a fifth foot.
  • Cuban Iguanas are omnivores which eat fruit, flowers, insects, and snails. Young Cuban iguanas eat more insects and shift to eating 95 percent vegetation as they age.
  • Caiman lizards have a clear third eyelid that they can close when they are underwater. It acts as underwater goggles to hunt for nails and crawfish.
  • Lizards have several defence mechanisms. Their tail often comes off to protect itself against danger.
  • Only three types of lizard have venom – the Komodo Dragon, the Gila monster and the Mexican beaded lizard.
  • Some lizard's bite can be fatal to humans like the Komodo dragons from Indonesia that can grow up to 10 feet in length.
  • Some lizards can change their colour as a defensive mechanism. The anole lizard, for example, which is generally kept as a pet, is able to change its colour from bright green to red and then to brown, to fit in with its surroundings or signal its mate.

As lizards are important for the ecosystem, they are required to be a part of us. You can create awareness about the observance by posting a picture of a lizard with only the facts mentioned above on social media. You can share using the hashtag #WorldLizardDay.

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