Passwords are tough to remember. Managing one is never easy, and with the digital world, the added burden of remembering passwords of all the different accounts is a task. It is frustrating to remember or rotate them, and if they are too simple they put users and data at risk by being easily cracked or guessed. World Password Day addresses all of it. Every year, the first Thursday in May is celebrated as World Password Day. The event is marked to promote better password habits. Besides, what is going on in the world, World Password Day 2021 on May 6 stands as one of the most significant events in the year. Despite the seriousness, the day also highlights the hilarious side of it— ‘1234’ as password, has become more of a joke now that is easier to crack! Check out these hilarious reactions, and World Password Day 2021 funny memes that are relatable, especially when you often forget your password.

World Password Day is marked on the first Thursday in May, highlighting the significance of keeping cyberspace safe, and keeping passwords strong. With so many of us working from home our cybersecurity is stretched to the limit. And the basis of better cybersecurity is using strong passwords. Hence, it becomes important for us to use strong passwords for all accounts, both personal and professional uses.

Passwords remain a cumbersome bane of IT departments and users alike. If they are too simple, there is a risk of being guessed, if too complex, there is a higher chance of users forgetting them. We have all had situations where we mistyped passwords repeatedly or created such complicated and secure passwords that we end up forgetting them. Again, some continue to use the same password across accounts, which does not limit the risk. But keeping a strong password, and then remembering one can be frustrating. ‘Weak’ or ‘strong’ password, the inputs at times are hilarious! World Password Day 2021 funny memes, jokes, and reactions display the hilarious side of keeping passwords.

Password Funny Memes and Jokes


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Relatable Much?


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'Woah!' That Moment


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This Meme Never Gets Old!

Too Secure That Can't Even Login!


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Happiness on Another Level


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True That?

Remember This Trend?

Oh No!


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Aren’t they relatable? We all have been through the above situations, or at least know people experiencing the same. This is why the above jokes are so relatable. On a serious note, we hope you may always remember your passwords.

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