YouTuber Kimi Hime Warned About ‘Vulgar’ Content on Her Channel, Indonesian Ministry Tells Her to Take Down Objectionable Videos
Indonesian YouTuber Kimi Hime (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Kimi Hime, the 29-year-old Indonesian YouTuber is extremely popular among YouTube followers. Her content that mostly engages people on online gaming has earned her more than 2 million subscribers on her channel. Her insanely large number of followers is pretty impressive considering that Kimi had only started uploading videos in early 2017. However, her appearances on her channel have become a concern. If recent reports are to be believed, the YouTuber has been warned about “vulgar” content on her channel. The Communications and Information Ministry of the Government of Indonesia has asked her to take down the alleged objectionable videos from her channel. YouTuber Chris Monroe Kisses His Sister In a 'Prank' Video, Horrified Fans Trash Him on Social Media. 

Kimi Hime, real name Kimberly Khoe is a Gaming and Tech Influencer. In her videos, she is seen wearing bold clothes rightly complementing her curves. However, some of them have “misleading” titles, at least that is what the local reports stated. During a recent meeting, held earlier this week, the legislators stated they had received reports from the Indonesian Broadcast Watch Association (APPI) about Kimi, related to her “vulgar” videos. Based on APPI’s recommendation, the commission requested Kominfo, Indonesia’s IT Ministry to investigate the allegation. According to CNN Indonesia, Kominfo reported summoning Kimi for a discussion about her content. But the YouTuber is yet to respond. YouTubers Jake, RiceGum Lands in Controversy for Promoting Mystery Box Gambling Site. 

“We have sent a DM [on Instagram] and an email to Kimi Hime. But there is no response yet. We just got her phone number this afternoon but there is also no response,” spokesperson Ferdinandus Setu from Kominfo was quoted in the same report, as translated by other news outlets. The ministry expects Kimi to respond by the end of this week.

Kimi records herself playing massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and many more and also uploads the videos on her social media accounts. The 29-year-old is not the first Indonesian influencer to be reported to the authorities for vulgarity. In 2016, the Child Protection Commission (KPAI) reported social media influencers Karin Novilda AKA Awkarin and Anya Geraldine for allegedly creating “vulgar content.” It includes wearing revealing clothes and they ended up agreeing to include more “positive elements,” in the future.