YouTubers Jake, RiceGum Lands in Controversy for Promoting Mystery Box Gambling Site; Watch Videos
YouTubers Jake & RiceGum (Photo Credits: YouTube Screengrab)

When you are buying something online, you expect to get that particular item when it arrives at your door. You would definitely not shop online without actually know what you are buying? It seems silly! But it turns out that buying something unseen is the latest trend on the internet. The “Mystery Box”—a website that sells prize-filled items that you exactly do not know, until you open it. It could be a fidget spinner, or you might get an iPhone or even a luxury sports car. Quite strange right? But not to the some of the popular YouTubers who have now land in controversy for promoting to what presumably is a gambling site. Highest-Paid YouTubers for 2018: 7-Year-Old Ryan Tops the Forbes List Among Others. 

The video stars urge that as a gamble worth taking. Over the past week, YouTube vloggers Jake Paul and Bryan Ricegum Le have encouraged their fans to spend their money on Mystery Brand. The owner of the site or where it is based is not clear. But as per the YouTubers, it is a site worth spending money. In the videos, Paul and Lee show themselves betting hundreds of dollars on the site for a chance to open a digital box. They only win low-value prizes initially, but towards the end of the video, they have won thousands of dollars’ worth of tech and clothing such as rare pairs of sneakers or Apple AirPods. If they like the prize, they have it shipped to their house. PewDiePie Defeats T-Series As Most Popular Channel After YouTube Deletes Spam Subscribers. 

Watch the Video of Jake Paul Promoting Mystery Box

Both the videos show Paul and Ricegum selling back the products they do not want to the site. Le whose YouTube channel has more than 10 million subscribers. He encourages his fans to spend money at Mystery Brand in his video, “How I got AirPods for $4.”

Watch the Video of Bryan Ricegum Le Mystery Box

Naturally, the adults did not like the idea, and now both are facing criticism for promoting what they see as a gambling site to their young audience. Both the YouTubers have earlier reported that their subscribers are majorly young. Paul, for example, has an audience between 8 to 15 years. One of the YouTuber named Maddy Black wrote, “Jake, I tried this website and I completely got scammed out of a large amount of money. I am very upset to see that you would be sponsored by a company that scams people out of money.”