Novak Djokovic won his 19th Grand Slam title by beating Stefanosย Tsitsipas in the French Open 2021 finals in a five-set thriller which ended up with the Serbian ace having the last laugh. He won the match 6-7, 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4. The Serbian Tennis ace made a stunning comeback after being two sets down in the match. With this, he became the first man to win these Grand slams at least twice in his career. This article shall look at the number of Grand Slams won by the 'Big Three' - Rafael Nadal, Djokovic & Roger Federer.ย  We shall also get into details of their appearances in the finals of the Grand Slams. So let's begin.ย Novak Djokovic Defeats Stefanos Tsitsipas in Finals of French Open 2021, Serbian Ace Clinches 19th Major Title.

Novak Djokovic:ย 

Novak's win came in from his latest win at the French Open 2021 as he went on to beat Stefanosย Tsitsipas. This was his second title at the Roland Garros. Having won nine Australian Open titles. The Serb has five Wimbledon and three US Open titles in his kitty.

Novak Djokovicย Grand Slam Final Appearances

Result Year Tournament Opponent Score
Loss 2007 US Open Roger Federer 6โ€“7(4โ€“7), 6โ€“7(2โ€“7), 4โ€“6
Win 2008 Australian Open Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 4โ€“6, 6โ€“4, 6โ€“3, 7โ€“6(7โ€“2)
Loss 2010 US Open Rafael Nadal 4โ€“6, 7โ€“5, 4โ€“6, 2โ€“6
Win 2011 Australian Open (2) Andy Murray 6โ€“4, 6โ€“2, 6โ€“3
Win 2011 Wimbledon Rafael Nadal 6โ€“4, 6โ€“1, 1โ€“6, 6โ€“3
Win 2011 US Open Rafael Nadal 6โ€“2, 6โ€“4, 6โ€“7(3โ€“7), 6โ€“1
Win 2012 Australian Open (3) Rafael Nadal 5โ€“7, 6โ€“4, 6โ€“2, 6โ€“7(5โ€“7), 7โ€“5
Loss 2012 French Open Rafael Nadal 4โ€“6, 3โ€“6, 6โ€“2, 5โ€“7
Loss 2012 US Open Andy Murray 6โ€“7(10โ€“12), 5โ€“7, 6โ€“2, 6โ€“3, 2โ€“6
Win 2013 Australian Open (4) Andy Murray 6โ€“7(2โ€“7), 7โ€“6(7โ€“3), 6โ€“3, 6โ€“2
Loss 2013 Wimbledon Andy Murray 4โ€“6, 5โ€“7, 4โ€“6
Loss 2013 US Open Rafael Nadal 2โ€“6, 6โ€“3, 4โ€“6, 1โ€“6
Loss 2014 French Open Rafael Nadal 6โ€“3, 5โ€“7, 2โ€“6, 4โ€“6
Win 2014 Wimbledon (2) Roger Federer 6โ€“7(7โ€“9), 6โ€“4, 7โ€“6(7โ€“4), 5โ€“7, 6โ€“4
Win 2015 Australian Open (5) Andy Murray 7โ€“6(7โ€“5), 6โ€“7(4โ€“7), 6โ€“3, 6โ€“0
Loss 2015 French Open Stan Wawrinka 6โ€“4, 4โ€“6, 3โ€“6, 4โ€“6
Win 2015 Wimbledon (3) Roger Federer 7โ€“6(7โ€“1), 6โ€“7(10โ€“12), 6โ€“4, 6โ€“3
Win 2015 US Open (2) Roger Federer 6โ€“4, 5โ€“7, 6โ€“4, 6โ€“4
Win 2016 Australian Open (6) Andy Murray 6โ€“1, 7โ€“5, 7โ€“6(7โ€“3)
Win 2016 French Open Andy Murray 3โ€“6, 6โ€“1, 6โ€“2, 6โ€“4
Loss 2016 US Open Stan Wawrinka 7โ€“6(7โ€“1), 4โ€“6, 5โ€“7, 3โ€“6
Win 2018 Wimbledon (4) Kevin Anderson 6โ€“2, 6โ€“2, 7โ€“6(7โ€“3)
Win 2018 US Open (3) Juan Martรญn del Potro 6โ€“3, 7โ€“6(7โ€“4), 6โ€“3
Win 2019 Australian Open (7) Rafael Nadal 6โ€“3, 6โ€“2, 6โ€“3
Win 2019 Wimbledon (5) Roger Federer 7โ€“6(7โ€“5), 1โ€“6, 7โ€“6(7โ€“4), 4โ€“6, 13โ€“12(7โ€“3)
Win 2020 Australian Open (8) Dominic Thiem 6โ€“4, 4โ€“6, 2โ€“6, 6โ€“3, 6โ€“4
Loss 2020 French Open Rafael Nadal 0โ€“6, 2โ€“6, 5โ€“7
Win 2021 Australian Open (9) Daniil Medvedev 7โ€“5, 6โ€“2, 6โ€“2
Win 2021 French Open (2) Stefanos Tsitsipas 6โ€“7(6โ€“8), 2โ€“6, 6โ€“3, 6โ€“2, 6โ€“4

Roger Federer:

The Swiss tennis Roger Federer might have pulled out from the tournament due to his knee issues but has so far won 20 Grandslam titles in his career. Theย  King of Grass has won eight Wimbledon titles so far in his career one French Open title. So far in his career, the Swiss ace has won five US Open titles and six Australian Open.

Roger Federer Grand Slam Final Appearances

Result Year Tournament Opponent Score
Win 2003 Wimbledon Mark Philippoussis 7โ€“6(7โ€“5), 6โ€“2, 7โ€“6(7โ€“3)
Win 2004 Australian Open Marat Safin 7โ€“6(7โ€“3), 6โ€“4, 6โ€“2
Win 2004 Wimbledon (2) Andy Roddick 4โ€“6, 7โ€“5, 7โ€“6(7โ€“3), 6โ€“4
Win 2004 US Open Lleyton Hewitt 6โ€“0, 7โ€“6(7โ€“3), 6โ€“0
Win 2005 Wimbledon (3) Andy Roddick 6โ€“2, 7โ€“6(7โ€“2), 6โ€“4
Win 2005 US Open (2) Andre Agassi 6โ€“3, 2โ€“6, 7โ€“6(7โ€“1), 6โ€“1
Win 2006 Australian Open (2) Marcos Baghdatis 5โ€“7, 7โ€“5, 6โ€“0, 6โ€“2
Loss 2006 French Open Rafael Nadal 6โ€“1, 1โ€“6, 4โ€“6, 6โ€“7(4โ€“7)
Win 2006 Wimbledon (4) Rafael Nadal 6โ€“0, 7โ€“6(7โ€“5), 6โ€“7(2โ€“7), 6โ€“3
Win 2006 US Open (3) Andy Roddick 6โ€“2, 4โ€“6, 7โ€“5, 6โ€“1
Win 2007 Australian Open (3) Fernando Gonzรกlez 7โ€“6(7โ€“2), 6โ€“4, 6โ€“4
Loss 2007 French Open Rafael Nadal 3โ€“6, 6โ€“4, 3โ€“6, 4โ€“6
Win 2007 Wimbledon (5) Rafael Nadal 7โ€“6(9โ€“7), 4โ€“6, 7โ€“6(7โ€“3), 2โ€“6, 6โ€“2
Win 2007 US Open (4) Novak Djokovic 7โ€“6(7โ€“4), 7โ€“6(7โ€“2), 6โ€“4
Loss 2008 French Open Rafael Nadal 1โ€“6, 3โ€“6, 0โ€“6
Loss 2008 Wimbledon Rafael Nadal 4โ€“6, 4โ€“6, 7โ€“6(7โ€“5), 7โ€“6(10โ€“8), 7โ€“9
Win 2008 US Open (5) Andy Murray 6โ€“2, 7โ€“5, 6โ€“2
Loss 2009 Australian Open Rafael Nadal 5โ€“7, 6โ€“3, 6โ€“7(3โ€“7), 6โ€“3, 2โ€“6
Win 2009 French Open Robin Sรถderling 6โ€“1, 7โ€“6(7โ€“1), 6โ€“4
Win 2009 Wimbledon (6) Andy Roddick 5โ€“7, 7โ€“6(8โ€“6), 7โ€“6(7โ€“5), 3โ€“6, 16โ€“14
Loss 2009 US Open Juan Martรญn del Potro 6โ€“3, 6โ€“7(5โ€“7), 6โ€“4, 6โ€“7(4โ€“7), 2โ€“6
Win 2010 Australian Open (4) Andy Murray 6โ€“3, 6โ€“4, 7โ€“6(13โ€“11)
Loss 2011 French Open Rafael Nadal 5โ€“7, 6โ€“7(3โ€“7), 7โ€“5, 1โ€“6
Win 2012 Wimbledon (7) Andy Murray 4โ€“6, 7โ€“5, 6โ€“3, 6โ€“4
Loss 2014 Wimbledon Novak Djokovic 7โ€“6(9โ€“7), 4โ€“6, 6โ€“7(4โ€“7), 7โ€“5, 4โ€“6
Loss 2015 Wimbledon Novak Djokovic 6โ€“7(1โ€“7), 7โ€“6(12โ€“10), 4โ€“6, 3โ€“6
Loss 2015 US Open Novak Djokovic 4โ€“6, 7โ€“5, 4โ€“6, 4โ€“6
Win 2017 Australian Open (5) Rafael Nadal 6โ€“4, 3โ€“6, 6โ€“1, 3โ€“6, 6โ€“3
Win 2017 Wimbledon (8) Marin ฤŒiliฤ‡ 6โ€“3, 6โ€“1, 6โ€“4
Win 2018 Australian Open (6) Marin ฤŒiliฤ‡ 6โ€“2, 6โ€“7(5โ€“7), 6โ€“3, 3โ€“6, 6โ€“1
Loss 2019 Wimbledon Novak Djokovic 6โ€“7(5โ€“7), 6โ€“1, 6โ€“7(4โ€“7), 6โ€“4, 12โ€“13(3โ€“7)

Rafael Nadal:

Nadal has clinched 20 Grand Slam men's singles titles, a record shared with Roger Federer and 36 Masters 1000 men's singles titles. Out of those 20, 13 had come from clay-court i.e. French Open. He has won a couple of Wimbledon titles and four US Open titles. So far Rafa has only won an Australian Open title.

Rafael Nadal Grand Slam Final Appearances

Result Year Tournament Opponent Score
Win 2005 French Open Mariano Puerta 6โ€“7(6โ€“8), 6โ€“3, 6โ€“1, 7โ€“5
Win 2006 French Open (2) Roger Federer 1โ€“6, 6โ€“1, 6โ€“4, 7โ€“6(7โ€“4)
Loss 2006 Wimbledon Roger Federer 0โ€“6, 6โ€“7(5โ€“7), 7โ€“6(7โ€“2), 3โ€“6
Win 2007 French Open (3) Roger Federer 6โ€“3, 4โ€“6, 6โ€“3, 6โ€“4
Loss 2007 Wimbledon Roger Federer 6โ€“7(7โ€“9), 6โ€“4, 6โ€“7(3โ€“7), 6โ€“2, 2โ€“6
Win 2008 French Open (4) Roger Federer 6โ€“1, 6โ€“3, 6โ€“0
Win 2008 Wimbledon Roger Federer 6โ€“4, 6โ€“4, 6โ€“7(5โ€“7), 6โ€“7(8โ€“10), 9โ€“7
Win 2009 Australian Open Roger Federer 7โ€“5, 3โ€“6, 7โ€“6(7โ€“3), 3โ€“6, 6โ€“2
Win 2010 French Open (5) Robin Sรถderling 6โ€“4, 6โ€“2, 6โ€“4
Win 2010 Wimbledon (2) Tomรกลก Berdych 6โ€“3, 7โ€“5, 6โ€“4
Win 2010 US Open Novak Djokovic 6โ€“4, 5โ€“7, 6โ€“4, 6โ€“2
Win 2011 French Open (6) Roger Federer 7โ€“5, 7โ€“6(7โ€“3), 5โ€“7, 6โ€“1
Loss 2011 Wimbledon Novak Djokovic 4โ€“6, 1โ€“6, 6โ€“1, 3โ€“6
Loss 2011 US Open Novak Djokovic 2โ€“6, 4โ€“6, 7โ€“6(7โ€“3), 1โ€“6
Loss 2012 Australian Open Novak Djokovic 7โ€“5, 4โ€“6, 2โ€“6, 7โ€“6(7โ€“5), 5โ€“7
Win 2012 French Open (7) Novak Djokovic 6โ€“4, 6โ€“3, 2โ€“6, 7โ€“5
Win 2013 French Open (8) David Ferrer 6โ€“3, 6โ€“2, 6โ€“3
Win 2013 US Open (2) Novak Djokovic 6โ€“2, 3โ€“6, 6โ€“4, 6โ€“1
Loss 2014 Australian Open Stan Wawrinka 3โ€“6, 2โ€“6, 6โ€“3, 3โ€“6
Win 2014 French Open (9) Novak Djokovic 3โ€“6, 7โ€“5, 6โ€“2, 6โ€“4
Loss 2017 Australian Open Roger Federer 4โ€“6, 6โ€“3, 1โ€“6, 6โ€“3, 3โ€“6
Win 2017 French Open (10) Stan Wawrinka 6โ€“2, 6โ€“3, 6โ€“1
Win 2017 US Open (3) Kevin Anderson 6โ€“3, 6โ€“3, 6โ€“4
Win 2018 French Open (11) Dominic Thiem 6โ€“4, 6โ€“3, 6โ€“2
Loss 2019 Australian Open Novak Djokovic 3โ€“6, 2โ€“6, 3โ€“6
Win 2019 French Open (12) Dominic Thiem 6โ€“3, 5โ€“7, 6โ€“1, 6โ€“1
Win 2019 US Open (4) Daniil Medvedev 7โ€“5, 6โ€“3, 5โ€“7, 4โ€“6, 6โ€“4
Win 2020 French Open (13) Novak Djokovic 6โ€“0, 6โ€“2, 7โ€“5

With this, the 'Big Three' is expected to clash against each other in Wimbledon 2021 which begins on June 28, 2021. It would be interesting to see who ends up being the real GOAT!

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