Cyclone Bulbul: Why The Next Cyclonic Storm After Maha and Kyarr is Named by Pakistan
Cyclone (Photo Credits: PTI)

Mumbai, November 4: A tropical cyclone which will be formed after Cyclone Maha would be called Cyclone Bulbul. The cyclone named Bulbul, which is pronounced as 'Bul Bul', is a name given by Pakistan. According to the nomenclature, the first tropical cyclone named by Pakistan was Fanoos, followed by Nargis, Laila and Nilam. After Kyarr, Maha and Bulbul, the cyclone which forms next will get a name given by Sri Lanka, which is 'Pawan'. The last name on the list of tropical cyclones is Amphan, a name given by Thailand.

According to weather agencies, the Bulbul Cyclone is likely to rise in the Bay of Bengal. Till date, four cyclones have already been formed in the Arabian Sea-Cyclone Vayu, Cyclone Hikka, Cyclone Kyarr and now Cyclone Maha. Cyclone Bulbul is the seventh cyclone of 2019 which will affect India. What Will be The Next Cyclone Called, Know All About How Cyclonic Storms Are Named.

Private weather agency Skymet Weather informed that the cyclones that form in the month of October usually head towards West Bengal and Bangladesh while those that form in the month of November, head towards Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. In the month of December, the Cyclones impact the Tamil Nadu region.

As per reports, Cyclone Bulbul will be the third cyclone in the Bay of Bengal after Cyclone Pabuk and Cyclone Fani. In the first week of January this year, cyclonic storm Pabuk was formed and had wrecked havoc in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, following which it had recurved towards Myanmar. Meanwhile, Cyclone Fani, which was formed in the May 2019 had severely impacted the state of Odisha.

Here's The List of Names Given to Cyclones:

List of names for cyclones

In the Indian Ocean region, eight countries including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman and Thailand have been engaged in the process of giving name to cyclonic storms since 2004. So far, a total of 64 cyclones have been named by the 8 nations. Of the 64 names, the names  given by India are Agni, Akash, Bijli, Jal, Lehar, Megh, Sagar and Vayu.

The process of naming cyclonic storms in a systematic manner begun since 2000. Earlier, the storms were identified with numbers or letters, which made it difficult to predict them. The eight nations contributed a set of names which are assigned sequentially on the basis of the first Alphabet of the member country. As any cyclone forms in the area of these 8 countries, predefined name is given to this cyclone.