NASA Astronauts From US And Russia Make Emergency Landing During Space Mission As Russian Booster Rocket Fails
International Space Station (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Washington, October 11: Two astronauts from the United States (US) and Russia has made an emergency landing after a Russian booster rocket carrying them into orbit to the International Space Station failed after launch, reported AFP. According to reports, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronauts Nick Hague and Roscosmos' Alexei Ovchinin took off at 2:40 p.m (local time) on Thursday from the Russia-leased Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. NASA Finds Evidence of Life on Mars, Know Everything About The Big Discovery by Curiosity Rover

The emergency landing was made after Russian Soyuz booster rocket failed. The scientists were to station at the orbiting outpost six hours later, but booster failed. They made an emergency landing in Kazakhstan. Both the astronauts are in good condition and are out of the capsule. According to reports, it is the first launch mishap for a Russian Soyuz booster since an on-pad abort in August 1983. Russia has suspended manned space launches due to the pending investigation into the failure. NASA Scientists See First Signs of One Young Star Devouring Planets, Check Video

The crew members were subjected 17 times the force of gravity as the capsule was pulled away from an exploding booster. The Russians regularly practice ascent abort procedures. The Soyuz booster is equipped with multiple systems to assure a safe landing at virtually any point during the climb to space.