New Species of 'Sexy Dinosaurs' From 140 Million Years Ago Discovered in Patagonia, View Pic!
New dinosaur fossil in Patagonia (Photo Credits: Twitter/Jusee_99)

A new dinosaur skeleton species was found in Patagonia with long and sharp spikes coming out of its spine. Named Bajadasaurus pronuspinax, it lived about 140 million years ago and its unique horns are said to be a way to attract mates. Other than defending themselves from their attackers, these horns of the male dinosaurs are said to be more sexually attractive. Palaeontologist Pablo Gallina have uncovered this new species and checked one of its neck bones for further study. 'First Giant' Dinosaur Found in Argentina, Fossil Weighing Around 10 Tons Uncovered!

The Bajadasaurus is one of the group of large-bodied and long-necked dinosaurs. It belongs to a category called sauropods which is distinguished by neck spines. Talking about the spine and a separate horn Gallina has noted, "These spines must have been covered by a keratin sheath similar to what happens in the horns of many mammals. We think that had they been just bare bone structures or covered only by skin, they could have been easily broken or fractured with a blow or when being attacked by other animals." The new study was revealed in the scientific journal Nature. Why did the Dinosaurs Become Extinct? It was Flowers and Not an Asteroid Strike That Killed the Giant Lizards.

Check Picture of The Newly Discovered Dinosaur Fossils 

Delving more into the details, it is said that this dinosaur is a herbivore that lived at the beginning of Cretaceous period, just before the Jurassic period. This species could have had a fleshy hump between the spines that served a similar role as a camel. They have found just a single set of skeletons and there is a lot more to infer about their structure. But due to the lack of the entire skeleton, they cannot be certain if the spines adorned it on the rest of the neck.