These Female Snakes Have Sex With More Than 100 Snakes At a Time, Watch Shocking Video of Red Garter Species
Red garter snakes mating (Photo credits: Video grab)

There are so many snakes in nature and each of them is distinct from each other. Their behaviour, mating habits, survival skills also differ from species to species. One of the snakes called the red garter snake which is commonly found in North America has a mating behaviour that may seem shocking to many. A female red-garter snake can mate with around 100 snakes at a time! The female snakes always stay in a group and thus the mating behaviour is also seen in a group. Chinese Man Threatens Woman With 3 Snakes To Rape Her, Dies After One Bites Him, Watch Video.

The female snakes are known to produce pheromones which attract the males. The females thus attract many snakes at a time. After the period of hibernation when these snakes emerge from the grounds, they are seen in swamps. A female snake will have multiple snakes wrapped around them, forming a large and twisting ball. Each of the male snakes attempts to be the first one to mate with the female. After mating with one, the snake loosens its grip around the female and eventually, the female finds her way out from the twisting ball. But it is also said that once a female has sex with the first snake, the other males lose interest and seek another female suitor.

Watch Video of Female Red Garter Snake Mating With a Group of Snakes

Since all the male snakes are almost entangled around the female, she cannot even escape easily as it may end up in killing her. So a female red-garter snake mates with multiple male snakes at one time, sometimes even 100. The snakes are known to live in large groups, or hundreds and thousands. Rattlesnake Dancing! Check The Rare Combat Dance Video of Two Deadly Snakes in Virginia.

Scientifically the pheromone is responsible for attracting the snakes and in one of the experiments in the past, scientists tried boosting the estrogen levels in the males. The results were equally shocking as once the males released the pheromones, they attracted other males to mates with them!