It's the World UFO Day today. Are you always interested in the mysterious objects and alien theories surrounding them? Then this observance will interest you more. The day is marked on July 2 as a commemoration of the Roswell UFO incident in 1947. On this day, a mysterious balloon crashed at a ranch near Roswell in New Mexico. It sparked speculations that it was "flying saucer" which the US military later stated was just a conventional weather balloon. Post this there was a rise of conspiracy theories about another crash of an extraterrestrial object. On this observance of UFO Day 2020, we look at some of the sightings that were observed this year in different parts of the world. Giant Mushroom-Shaped Cloud Near Chernobyl Sparks Fears From UFO Sightings to Nuclear Tests! Know What Are Anvil Clouds (Watch Video).

UFO Spotted in Bristol

A very recent UFO activity was seen just last week in the UK's Bristol Channel. A cigar-shaped object shining in the sky was seen just off the coast of Dunster. Some conspiracy theorists called it a camouflaged UFO. The shiny object is seen hovering behind a cargo in the sea.

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UFO Base in Mexico's Volcanic Mountain

In March 2020, a video was shared online which claimed that an alien base exists in the volcanic mountain of Popocatépetl (El Papo) in Mexico. The video showed some unidentified foreign objects (UFOs) entering into the tall mountain. A white object was not just recorded falling in here but also one leaving from the volcanic mountain. It raised speculations of the mountain being a base of alien activity.

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Mysterious White Blob in Devon

An unusual fast-moving white blob was observed by some people in Devon's skies on May 18. Eyewitnesses in the British town wondered if it was a UFO and some gave rise to alien theories too. Although the footage wasn't too clear, it showed an unusually shaped object moving around.

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Mysterious Rocket Object on Florida Coast

Some people along the Treasure Coast in Florida woke up to a sighting of a mysterious rocket in the sky. This was on the first day of 2020, and those at the beach to experience the first sunrise of the year saw this unusual trail of red and orange light in the sky. Since there are no launchpads nearby, it was easy speculation of aliens. However, it was later revealed that people saw a trail left by a plane in sunlight.

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Now, there have been no confirmed reports that specify if these objects that were seen were UFOs or other phenomena which were speculated as UFOs. On this day, we would just like you to watch out to the night skies and see if you come across any such mysterious objects.


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