SIM Swap Scam: Pune-based Man Duped of Rs 94,000 by SIM Card Swap Fraud
SIM Card Fraud (Photo Credits: Twitter)

With technological advancements, online frauds and cyber-frauds have become quite common phenomenon across the globe these days. Fraudsters generally employ creative means to dupe innocent victims of their hard-earned money. One such incident happened recently in Pune, a man lost Rs 94,000 to SIM swap fraud that has become an easy way to dupe people. Recently, a Delhi-based man was duped for Rs 13 lakh with SIM swap fraud. Bitcoin Fraud Leads Uttar Pradesh Student to Issue Hoax Terror Alarms at US's Miami Airport.

As per the report from Hindustan Times, Dinesh Kukreja - a resident of Pune received a call from a fraudster claiming to be an employee of Airtel. The man asked Kukreja his details regarding SIM card, else the same will be deactivated soon. Falling into his trap, Kukreja shared the details of the SIM card to the fraudster, which was linked to his bank account.

The man also asked Kukreja to forward the SMS that he had received on his mobile number. When Kukreja sent the SMS, this enabled the man to render the SIM card and then got a new SIM card with the same number issued by the service provider, which directly gave access to Kukreja's bank account.

Later on, Kukreja learnt he has been duped of Rs 94,000 as the sum has been transferred from his bank account. Post this incident, Kukreja went on to lodge a police complaint with Bharti Vidyapeeth police station. The police has registered a case under sections IPC 420 for cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property) and IPC 419 & relevant sections of the Information Technology Act against unidentified people.