Ever lay in bed for hours wanting to get some shut eye but your brain wants to remember every to do list item, and you stay up worrying and stressing out all night? The inability to shut off our thoughts at nights is a common problem for many Americans. We’ve all been there, and the rise of insomnia has only increased every year in the US. Lack of sleep can be frustrating, and no one functions their best without 8 hours of sleep.  People are spending more time trying to get sleep, than getting sleep. Luckily, I came across Resty Sleep Trainer – a device that has helped me fall asleep in ten minutes!

The Resty sleep trainer is a brilliant little device that uses the power of meditative breathwork and gentle white noise to help me fall asleep. Just turn on the device and follow the breathing prompts.  Place Resty on a table beside your bed. When the light expands, inhale deeply and exhale when the light contracts, all while listening to the soothing white noises. Next thing you know, you will be fast asleep! The best feature of this device is that it requires no tech device to keep you distracted or blue light from suppressing your melatonin. The technique is inspired from meditation and proven scientifically to calm the nervous system. By following the breath prompts, your body begins to go from restless to restful mode, which enhances your melatonin, putting you into a restful slumber!

I’ve been using Resty every night and it has helped me improve my sleep tremendously. Normally I would spend at least 1-2 hours tossing and turning in bed, and awake constantly throughout the night. Now that I have been using Resty for the past month, according to my sleep tracker I have been getting 98 percent efficient sleep! I even feel calmer and more relaxed throughout the day. My favorite white noise is the ocean waves.  If you are like me and have the inability to switch off your brain during bedtime, Resty Sleep Trainer will solve that problem for you. I highly recommend this device for anyone looking to get a deeper sleep, stay asleep and fall asleep.

Whether your insomnia is caused by pregnancy, stress, noise, or thoughts running through your head, Resty reports that on average, users fall asleep 2.5 times faster with the device.