Bihar Assembly Elections 2020 Exit Polls: Will RJD-Congress Eclipse Nitish Kumar’s JDU-BJP Alliance

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Voting for 243 seats for Bihar State Assembly has concluded. The results will be declared on November 10. The polls saw the rise of Tejashwi Yadav as Rashtriya Janata Dal’s face. Yadav made his presence felt across the length and breadth of the state with 247 rallies in the span of three weeks. The RJD leader drew massive crowds at his rallies – was this because of him being a novelty or do the people of Bihar really want change, will become known after three days.

Meanwhile, the incumbent Chief Minister Nitish Kumar conducted an average of 4 rallies across the campaign period. The rallies were muted in comparison to Tejashwi Yadav’s and he even faced catcalls at some of them. BJP threw its might behind its alliance with the JDU as top campaigners including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, held multiple rallies across Bihar.

Will Kumar make it to the CM’s chair for a sixth time or will these polls mark the return of RJD? Here is what the exit polls predict.

City Petrol Diesel
New Delhi 101.19 89.07
Kolkata 101.62 92.17
Mumbai 107.26 96.68
Chennai 98.96 93.69
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Company Price Change Value
Axis Banks 1050.00 50.00 533.00
Reliance 1050.00 33.00 533.00
Samsung 1050.00 33.00 533.00
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