Kojagiri Purnima 2021: Date, Significance, Rituals Associated With Ashwin Month Full Moon

Festivals & Events Team Latestly|

As per the Hindu calendar, Kojagiri Purnima or Sharad Purnima falls on the full moon day of the Ashwin month. Kojagiri Purnima or Sharad Purnima will be observed on October 19. Purnima Tithi begins at 7:03 pm on October 19 and ends at 8:26 pm on October 20. The moonrise for Sharad Purnima will be at 05:20 pm on October 19. Sharad Purnima puja must be performed between 11:41 pm on October 19 to 12:31 am on October 20. On Sharad Purnima, the moon emerges with all its 16 Kalas. Many devotees believe that the moon rays have healing properties on this specific day. Therefore, people prepare kheer at night and leave it overnight under the moonlight. On the following day, kheer which is enhanced by the rays of the moon is consumed as Prasad. It is a harvest festival for some devotees. Watch the video to know more.

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