Myanmar Sees Massive Protest Against Coup: Protesters Defy Military Warning

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Tens of thousands of anti-coup protesters rallied across Myanmar again on February 22 despite a clear threat from the junta that it was prepared to use lethal force to crush what it branded "anarchy". The warning came after three demonstrators were shot dead over the weekend. The junta late on February 21 gave its most ominous signal yet that its patience was nearing an end. In a shocking video, reportedly a soldier threatens civilians with real firearms and says that he can kill people if they come out after 8 pm. Authorities have detained 640 people since the coup, according to the monitoring group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners. Meanwhile, UN chief Antonio Guterres condemned the "brutal force" used by those behind Myanmar's coup & urged the military to immediately halt the repression & release prisoners. Washington warned again on February 21 of increased pressure.

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