Thailand: Foam Factory Explosion Blows Up Homes in Bangkok, Watch CCTV Footage Of The Moment of Blast From Inside An Apartment

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An explosion near Bangkok's international airport on July 5 left a plastics factory in flames, killing at least one firefighter as rescue workers struggled to extinguish the blaze hours later. The blast ripped through a couple's apartment as they relaxed on the sofa. The pair were watching a film in their apartment in Samut Prakan province of Thailand when the blast rocked their building. CCTV footage captures the exact moment the living room doors were shattered by shock waves, sending razor sharp shards of glass flying through the air. The married couple were hospitalised in the wake of the blast, and were treated for cuts and bruises after the accident, reported Mail Online. The explosion near Bangkok's international airport left Taiwan-owned Ming Dih Chemical Co in flaming ruin, while a firefighter died and over 60 others left injured. Toxic plumes of smoke polluted the sky as more than 1,800 people had to be evacuated from within a 3 mile radius of the factory, according to officials. In addition to the casualties, officials said the initial explosion also damaged about 100 houses and 15 cars. The cause of the incident is still unknown. Watch the video to know more.

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