The Irishman is a crime drama directed by Martin Scorsese for Netflix, arguably their most expensive film. The movie has three Academy Award winners in leading roles - Robert De Niro (The Godfather Part II, Raging Bull), Joe Pesci (Goodfellas) and Al Pacino (Scent of a Woman) in the lead. The supporting cast includes Harvey Keitel, Bobby Cannavale, Ray Romano, Anna Paquin, Stephen Graham, Jesse Plemons and Jack Huston. The Irishman is based on Charles Brandt's I Heard You Paint Houses, a memoir based on the life of a former hitman, Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran and recounts his life and his part in the disappearance of Union President Jimmy Hoffa in 1975. While The Irishman gets a limited theatrical release on November 1, 2019, in the USA, Indian viewers can catch on Netflix where it streams from November 27. The Review is based on a special screening watched by the critic at the Jio MAMI Movie Festival 2019.