2 Indian Women Slated to Conquer South Pole! Polar Maidens to Begin Their Journey This December
Madhabilata Mitra & Tanvi Buch (Photo Credits: mitramadhabilata/ Instagram/ Tanvi Buch/ Facebook)

It takes a very strong person to strand themselves at the bottom of the Earth. We are talking about the South Pole here which is situated on the continent of Antarctica; one of the most isolated places. Every year, a handful of courageous humans visit at the Geographic southern intersection of the Earth’s axis and its surface. In a fillip to extreme outdoor sports in this part of the world, two Indian women are slated to make India proud. Teaming up with Polar Maidens, A Kolkata-based mountaineer and model and an architect from Mumbai are slated to conquer on a skiing expedition to the South Pole this December.

According to The Indian Express, Madhabilata Mitra from Kolkata and Tanvi Buch from Mumbai will join the team Polar Maidens which will be comprised of women from different parts of the world. The team will have six global women ranging from 24 to 74 years of age. Madhabilata informed that she is a trained mountaineer already and even underwent to a rescue training to avoid any difficult situation during the rock climbing and mountaineering. On the other hand, Tanvi from Mumbai is quoted to be the youngest member of all to go for this journey.

Tanvi said in the same report, “I am trying to tone myself so that I am fit enough to survive in that situation… I am sure we will complete the journey.” If they accomplish the journey, Madhabilata and Tanvi will be the first two Indian women to ski the last degree to the South Pole. Polar Maidens will be led by Guinness World Record holder and motivational speaker Janice Meek. The remaining three women are from Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland.

From September to March, the sun is continuously above the horizon and appears to move in a counterclockwise circle. It is always low in the sky. From September 1 to 9, they will be trained in Scotland and then will head to London. In the mid-December, they are likely to begin their expedition.