Google Hits Back at Donald Trump's 'Political Bias' Charge, Denies Suppressing Conservative Content
File image of US President Donald Trump | (Photo Credits: Getty)

New Delhi, Aug 28: Google on Tuesday retaliated to the "political bias" charge levelled by United States President Donald Trump. The internet giant  said its search engine is not manipulated to benefit any particular political group or ideology.

The clarification from Google came hours after Trump accused it of suppressing conservative stories and news reports which are positive about the work dones by his administration.

Google categorically denied the allegation of promoting or suppressing any form of content, claiming that search engine is not used to set a political agenda.

"We don’t bias our results toward any political ideology," a Googles spokesperson told AFP in a mailed reply, adding that the company's engineers are working round the clock to not only prevent the search engine from any sort of manipulation, but to also ensure "they surface high-quality content in response to users’ queries".

Trump claimed that 96 per cent of the results which the search engine props up are related to news outlets which are critical of him, particularly the CNN which he describes as the "source of fake news".

The US President had long been a critic of the mainstream press, accusing it of leaning towards the Left. In his presidential run, Trump had openly supported right-win web portals like -- which have been accused by media critics of promoting neo-nazi sentiment among the American populace.