London, June 15: A British judge has reached a decision in a case related to reveal four files which may shed light on British government’s involvement in ‘Operation Blue Star conducted by the Indian Army in June 1984. The four files were expected to be released in 2014, but the Cabinet Officer held back those files arguing that the release would adversely affect Britain’s relation with India. Judge Murray Shanks dismissed the government’s argument that disclosing the files would harm national security or risk trade with India. British freelance journalist Phil Miller filed the case under Freedom of Information (FoI) Act.

The demand for holding a public inquiry into Britain’s role in the ‘Operation Bluestar’ has intensified. However, de-classifying the files would be against the section 23 of FoI act, which prevents disclosing any information related to intelligence agencies and special forces of Britain. According to a review conducted in 2014 by the David Cameroon’s government, it was disclosed that the Indian Army did not follow the advice given by British intelligence agencies.

The Cabinet Office was given time till July 11 to appeal against the tribunal’s ruling or to disclose the files related to UK-India relation from 1983-1985. British-Sikh community has demanded more details of the UK’s involvement in the operation. “Theresa May should reflect on the judgement and accept the British Sikh community and the public deserve the truth nearly 35 years later with an independent public inquiry. She should not listen to those paranoid about relations with India,” reported Hindustan Times quoting Amrik Singh of the Sikh Federation (UK).

The ruling Conservative party is against disclosing of the files, while the opposition Labour Party has promised an independent inquiry. The Operation Bluestar was conducted in June 1984 by the Indian Army. The army had carried out an operation inside the Golden Temple to remove Sikh terrorists from the holy place

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