Moscow, July 8: A rainbow colour ice-cream has been accused of secretly promoting homosexuality in Russia. During a video conference, Yekaterina Lakhova, former MP and the head of Russia's Union of Women, told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the rainbow colour packaging and flavour of the ice cream is "secretly propagating" gay and lesbian relations. Her claims that ice cream is being used to promote homosexuality has triggered an uproar on Russian media. Russia Recognises Gay Marriage ‘Accidentally’ Due to Legal Loophole in Family Law, LGBT Rights Activist Igor Kochetkov Says He Received Tax Return on His Husband’s Behalf.

"They are quietly promoting these nice rainbow colours, using nice words, they are advertising an ice cream called Rainbow," Yekaterina Lakhova reportedly told Vladimir Putin. Lakhova further said the ice cream could potentially make Russian children more accepting of the rainbow flag used by the LGBTQ community. In his response, President Putin said he is against the propaganda of homosexuality.

"If there are reasons to believe that this is propaganda for values that are not traditional to us, then… it must be managed by society, but not aggressively," President Putin said. The rainbow ice cream maker at the centre of the controversy, however, said the rainbow on its packaging had nothing to do with homosexuality. FIFA World Cup 2018: LGBT Activists Create ‘Hidden Rainbow Flag’ to Protest Against Russia’s Anti-Gay Policies; See Pics.

"Our company advocates traditional family relations, and categorically disagrees with Ms Lakhova. We believe that the rainbow is sunlight after the rain, not the LGBT flag," Armen Beniaminov, who is vice-president of Chistaya Liniya, told official news agency RIA Novosti. "As the father of a large family, I openly voted for the constitutional amendments specifically because one of them defends the traditional values," he added.

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