Sarah Silverman Reveals Comedian Louis CK Masturbated In Front of Her With Her Permission
Sarah Silverman (Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons)

USA, October 23: In a shocking revelation, Sarah Silverman said on Monday that comedian Louis C.K. used to masturbate in front of her with her consent. According to a report on Fox News Network, Silverman was quoted as saying, “I don’t know if I’m going to regret saying this, I’ve known Louis forever, I’m not making excuses for him, so please don’t take this that way." #MeToo in India: 9 Out of 10 Complaints of Sexual Harassment Are True, Why it’s Difficult to Frame False Cases.

She further said that they are friends, when they were kids and he asked if he could masturbate in front of her and she gave him permission. As quoted in the report, she said, "Yeah, I wanted to see it, it was amazing. Sometimes I would say, ‘F---ing no, gross,’ and we got pizza.”

The actress told the story as part of her reasoning as to why she believed her friend C.K., who last November admitted to allegations of sexual misconduct. She spoke about the allegations against CK last year as well.