Traffic Jam on Mt Everest Caused by 200 Climbers; 16 Including 8 Indians Die Due to Overcrowding And Exhaustion
Traffic jam on Mount Everest (Photo Credits: @sether Twitter)

Mount Everest, the world's highest peak in the Himalayas almost witnessed a traffic-jam after 200 mountaineers attempted to reach the summit point. The situation got so worse that two Indian climbers died after getting stuck above the 8,848-meter Mount Everest. The expedition organisers said that 27-year-old Nihal Bagwan and 49-year-old Kalpana Das died along with two other climbers while descending the summit. With no change in the scenario, six more mountaineers perished on Everest making the toll rise to 8. With the scenario refusing to change, the death toll has risen to 16, as per expedition officials. Anjali Kulkarni, trained for six years to reach Mount Everest also died while descending the summit. The officials said, "At least eight Indian climbers are among 16 persons killed on different mountains." Mt Everest Expedition Claims Another Life! 58-Year-Old Indian Woman Dies While Descending.

'Traffic jam' occurs on Mount Everest when a large number of climbers try to reach the summit at the same time. It is said to be dangerous above 8,000 metres and is known as the 'death zone'. Nihal, leader of a two-member expedition from Maharashtra died at Camp IV on Mount Everest on the Nepal side. Babu Sherpa, Managing Director at Peak Promotion Pvt Ltd said that he was rescued by a group of Sherpa climbers from the balcony area. The Himalayan Times quoted Sherpa as saying, "He died at Camp IV after he fell ill near the balcony area while returning from the summit of Mt Everest." Dead Bodies Appear on Mt Everest; Climate Change Cause Melting Glaciers, Exposing Corpses of Unfortunate Climbers.

Traffic Jam on Mount Everest as 200 Climbers Try to Reach the Summit:

Gyanendra Shrestha, liaison officer at the Everest base camp said that Kalpana who died near the balcony area while descending on Wednesday was the member of the 'Three Women Expedition'. American climber Donald Lynn Cash also died while descending the summit. According to The Kathmandu Post, their deaths were primarily caused due to a long queue of climbers while both ascending and descending. They had to wait for hours at altitudes above 8,000 metres. Indian Mountaineer Dies In Nepal, Third In As Many Days.

Subash Shrestha, an official at Himalaya Vision Pvt Ltd said that 65-year-old Austrian climber Ing Landgraf (Ernst) who died on Wednesday was part of an expedition run by Kobler & Partner from the Tibetan side.  Mount Everest Turns Into World's Highest Rubbish Dump!

28-year-old Army soldier Ravi Thakar was found dead inside his tent at Camp IV on Mount Everest last week while Narayan Singh died at Camp IV as he was descending from the 8,485-meter Mount Makalu summit. Two climbers from West Bengal, 28-year-old Biplab Baidya and 46-year-old Kuntal Karar died in Nepal due to high altitude sickness last week. Body of Dipankar Ghos from Kolkata, who went missing from above Camp IV while returning from the Mount Makalu summit was located after a week.

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Climbing season begins in Himalayan during the spring season between March and June end. During the current climbing season, Nepal has issued a record 381 permits costing USD 11,000 to climbers. This time they opened on May 14 with a team with of eight Sherpas who reached Mount Everest successfully.

Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were to first to climb the mountain in 1953. According to the Nepal Department of Tourism, more than 4,400 people have scaled the summit since then. Since 1922, more than 200 people have died on Mount Everest's peak. Where there is a traffic jam on the mountain, climbers are forced to wait for their turn to ascend or descend on a single rope. Climbers become exhausted due to lack of oxygen, frostbite and altitude sickness. Most of the bodies are left on the mountain and are believed to be buried beneath the snow due to the high cost and risk involved in recovering it. (With inputs from PTI)