DCW's Claim of Busting Prostitution Racket Quashed by Delhi Police
India. (File Image)

New Delhi [India], April 11 (ANI): Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) and Delhi Police have locked horns over a raid at a hotel where four girls were found on Tuesday.In a press statement, DCW had claimed that the girls were part of a prostitution racket which was busted by its team along with members of an NGO.Delhi Police, on the other hand, said its personnel were also part of the raid by DCW, however, they have not received any complaint or evidence of the four girls engaged in any unlawful activities. Police have also said that the medical examination of the girls was conducted and while three of them were found to be adults, the age of another girl, who lacks age proof, is being ascertained.DCW has also claimed that an individual operating as an agent for these girls has been arrested while police have asserted that no arrests have been made in connection with these raids.Police have stated that no case has been registered in this regard. (ANI)

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